Target is now selling Disney princess dinnerware

Target is now selling Disney princess dinnerware

Calling all Disney superfans, Target is now selling a Disney Princess dinnerware set. So if you're down for dining like royalty, then you might want to get your hands on the fancy items.

Retailing at $98.99, each 16-piece set comes with a mug, bowl, dessert plate, and dinner plate. Plus each one is inspired by a different classic Disney princess. The Cinderella set is blue, Jasmine is purple, Ariel is turquoise and Belle is yellow.

The items in each set are adorned with striking details paying homage to each of the iconic Disney characters.

Take a read of the official product description:

"This Disney-inspired dinnerware set features four magical themes: Cinderella (clock-tower design with a pastel blue tinting), Aladdin (genie bottle and flying carpets in a lavender design), The Little Mermaid (shell design in light aqua), and Beauty and the Beast (the Enchanted Rose in regal gold). 16-piece set includes 4x 12oz mugs, 4x bowls (each holds 2 cups), 4x 10 3/4-inch dinner plates, and 4x 7-inch dessert plates."

Interested in getting a Disney+ account? Here's a promo for the service:

Since the dinnerware sets hit the shelves, proud shoppers have been taking to Instagram to share snaps of their purchases.

And it looks like those who already own the sets are thrilled with the purchase.

"My Mum and Dad bought me this stunning Disney Dinner set for Christmas. It's so beautiful. A real grown up treat!" one person wrote on Instagram.

"Ahh! My Disney Princess dinnerware set has arrived and I love it!!!" another buyer gushed.

"One of my favorite presents from Christmas!" a third shared.

If you're interested in the new Disney dinnerware (I mean, who wouldn't be?) you might just have to settle for one of the sets if anything over $99 is out of your price range.

Buying all four of the sets would set you back $395.96.

The sets have already sold out on Amazon and Target, and but are still available at Walmart for the same amount - but we you might have to hurry if you want to get your hands on them.