Teacher trolls students by displaying their browsing history during class

Teacher trolls students by displaying their browsing history during class

It wasn't that long ago that going to lectures and seminars meant sitting at your table with a pen and paper to make notes, along with any books you might need for the session. As far as procrastination goes, you could always doodle in the margins of the page or stare off through the window. While daydreaming used to be the primary way to avoid working, there are a lot more options in 2018.

Having a laptop or phone on hand is useful, but it also offers plenty of things to distract you away from your work. As soon as you bring the internet into play, things become a lot more difficult to manage. If you can be in class with your screen pointing away from your teacher, and you have an intense desire to message a friend on Facebook, it's hard to not take a moment to do it.

However, as this tweet proves, there are plenty of people out there who take this a little too far. Not only are a large amount of students easily distracted by a variety of things, but the sites they have visited can be pretty bizarre too.

Tahany Alsabahi, a graduating senior in international studies and MENA studies at the University of Michigan, posted a photo to Twitter that captured the way some students act perfectly. One of her professors got so sick of their students procrastinating on the internet during their class that they posted a long list of all the inappropriate things they had spotted on their laptops over the years. Tahany managed to get a snap of the list, and it's completely ridiculous.

"My GSIs recorded all the things they caught students doing in lecture over the semester," Tahany wrote. The slides went up back in April 2017, with professor Meg Veitch titling the list 'Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class'. Some of them aren't too bad, such as those translating German, doing homework, or doodling a squid, but there are definitely some oddities.

There are some that will go for a quick google or social media check, with people browsing Amazon, Facebook, applying for jobs and watching sports. On top of that is the real risk-takers, who put aside their work to play video games, Photoshop Donald Trump onto muppets, watch porn and buy $240 worth of turtlenecks.

The tweet has now got over 7,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets, and other users have plenty to say:

Speaking to Fresh U, Tahany Alsabahi said that she “knew it had potential to resonate with most other college students, but [I] didn’t think it would get this popular". Apparently, the responses she received from Twitter were “fairly positive except for a few people who think this is emblematic of the end of the world…or proof to ban laptops…"

As for the class, Tahany said that “most people found [the slide] funny, [I’m] sure some people were embarrassed but overall we thought it was hilarious".

I've definitely spotted people procrastinating on laptops during lectures before, but I don't think I've seen anyone stare at photos of sliced bread. Each to their own, I guess.