Teachers are revealing their horribly cringe stories of students having a crush on them

Teachers are revealing their horribly cringe stories of students having a crush on them

While growing up, teachers hold a position of authority that makes them far more intimidating than attractive for the most part, but there are some exceptions. Most schools would have at least one teacher that a large following of students would start to crush on a little bit. You'd think that most kids would be too shy to give any feelings they have be noticed, but some are more confident than others, as this Reddit thread showed.

User Rabidwalnut asked the "attractive teachers of reddit", whether they knew which students had a crush on them, and "what is the strangest or most inappropriate thing you overheard said about you?" - and the answers are beyond cringey.

1. Part of the family

"I have substituted and tutored at the high school where my mom teaches. There was a girl that started referring to her as her mother in law. That got pretty weird." - watergator

2.  Paying a fine

"I’m a circ librarian at a university. One time a few years back a girl who had about $20 in library fines came to the desk to plead for a waiver. She was wearing a loose blouse with no bra underneath.

"Cue some flirty appeals, and then, when it became evident I was having none of her shit, she leans way over the circ desk and lets her blouse hang full open. 'Are you sure there’s NOTHING we can arrange?' she asks.

"'Yup, I'm sure, nothing. That’s $20, please. Cash, check, debit, or meal plan?' (wtf she thought I was going to say, I have no idea.)" - August1453

3. A unique thankyou

"Always knew about the crush as she would drop hints and joke about when she is 18. Well, she turned 18 and when she graduated early she bluntly asked me if I can make her mentor wish come true.

"She was also a stripper and asked me to come by for a thank you lap dance. Some students gave me notes or apples. This lass really just wanted to thank me in her own unique way. Bless her." - Anthingleftyo

4. Lunchtime confession

"I had a girl come in at lunch. She told me ‘Mr. I like you’. Knowing full well what she meant, I tried to play it off and said as nonchalant as I could, ‘I like you too, you’re a great student!’ She was like, ‘no, I mean I realllly like you.’ I couldn’t believe the tenacity." - tabootapeworm

5. Is this how it's done now?

"Another student asked me to take a picture with her towards the end of the school year. I obliged and on the last day she printed it out and gave it to me with her instagram on the back and a message about how cute I was." - tabootapeworm (again)

6. Well this is awkward...

"A girl found my Facebook and saved my profile picture as the background to her phone. I deleted my Facebook promptly afterward. If only I could get that kind of attention from girls my own age." - tabootapeworm (one more time)

7. Unwanted attention

"The girls will just come and find reasons to be close to you. Stand next to you and lean into you, try to lock arms, hug you, etc. They'll say that they really like you.

"They try to touch my beard too. I go to the gym a lot and am starting to get decent looking body. They ask me to show them my muscles or if I have a six pack, etc. That can get pretty weird.

"One time a girl brought in a plastic rose for me on Valentine's day. That was the sweetest one and I've actually still kept that. Funnily enough it's the only thing I've ever received on Valentine's day." - frostedcereal

8. So cringey

"Among several personal questions was "do you have a girlfriend?" and once a student called me "honey". it's especially icky because they're just 8th graders." - pitch-white

9. Group crush

"The first day I started, a group of giggling teenage girls were huddled and whispering and looking at me. One of them worked up the guts to come over to me and say "Hello, sir... one question please? Just... just... " she was blushing "Are you married?" So yeah, a bunch of 16 year old girls were hoping I was single. What they thought they'd do if I was, I'm not sure... but they were crushing.

"One day I'm walking down a long hallway at the school and was vaguely aware of a group of girls behind me whispering. I didn't realize they were focused on me until I heard one say "Look at his butt!" I stopped without turning around, and they burst into loud embarrassed laughter and then scattered like cockroaches when the light turns on." - deleted

10. Not meant to be heard

"On my first day as a middle school intern, one of my students told his friends, "Miss [redacted] is mine." I walked behind his seat right as he said it and he just about died from embarrassment when he figured out that I heard him" - turnoffthecentury

11. A little too informal

"I had a young teenaged boy get a little too informal/familiar with me when e-mailing me over time, as students can do if they need to. He ended up sending me a picture of an anime character, who had the same hair colour as me, wearing a small bikini. He commented that he liked the show series she was from because he thought I looked a lot like her." - noisypeach

12. Going for the classics

"A student raised his hand while we were going over homework in class, and said "Miss, I have a question". I said "Let's hear it." He pulled out a boombox from under his desk, pressed play and stood up on the desk. Just as he did, Backstreet Boys' "All I Have to Give" came on and with his arms outstretched he asked "Will you go to prom with me?" I turned so red I had to walk out of the room." - garace

The most awkward thing I have ever saw when I was at school was a 16-year-old repeatedly tell one of our teachers that he thought she was beautiful - not appropriate by any means, but it had nothing on the awkwardness of these Reddit stories.