Teen soars above the trees to perform an incredible stunt on garden trampoline

Teen soars above the trees to perform an incredible stunt on garden trampoline

The people of the internet are raving about an extraordinary video posted recently to Instagram which shows Ernest Brenchley, a teenage boy, doing an impressive seven-turn somersault in his friend's garden, to the amazement of the group of boys he is with.

The 14-year-old is a member of the nine-member Radial Flipz group and can be seen in the video using his arms to propel himself up into the air with force. Ernest then goes into a seven-flip bounce before landing on a mattress placed on the trampoline.

Watch the mind-blowing footage of the seven-turn somersault in question:

The group of boys scream in utter glee when he performs the astonishing move, and they gather closer to pull him into an embrace and cheer excitedly. Soon after, Ernest can be seen exiting the trampoline, reveling in pride following his astonishing jump.

Needless to say, the comments were inundated with praise from fans of the talented teen.

"Imagine being the neighbor and seeing a kid just fly up in the air like that," a user with the handle 'snagovsky_tricking' wrote. "Like what would you even say or do like tf."

Joeyxflips simply commented: "Holy awareness", while Haddrell_flipz added: "Omg you god!"

Referred to by his teammates as a "fearless machine" and "the fastest rota in the team", his incredible talent has so far garnered the teen an impressive 6,000 likes on Instagram.

According to the Daily Mail, his seven-turn somersault comes just days after the youngster, from Canterbury, Kent, achieved the world's first 'septuple kaboom' flip at the Bouncelab Belp in Switzerland.

Full length of girl jumping on trampoline at park Credit: Getty

A septuple kaboom is a trampoline jump which involves seven flips in a row and a seat drop which is made before lunging backward into a spin.

Evidently, Ernest is no one-trick pony and some of his other moves include a sextuple kaboom to back, septuple kaboom flatspin and a 12345 in kabooms on gtramp (an exciting combination of gymnastics and trampolining).

At the age of 14, the kid can only get better - here's hoping we're in for more impressive footage of his striking trampoline flips.