Teenage boy goes viral after shutting down trolls who criticised him for doing makeup

Teenage boy goes viral after shutting down trolls who criticised him for doing makeup

One of the brilliant things about the internet is that almost anyone can use it for pretty much anything they want. Need to stay in touch with friends? Go on the internet. Got some shopping to do? The internet will help you out. Have something awesome to promote? Tell the internet!

Unfortunately, one of the terrible things about the internet is, well, anyone can use it for anything they want - and that includes trolling others.

So, when 16-year-old Jack Smith tried to (positively) use the web to promote his makeup skills, he was unfortunately met with a wave of criticism from folks who were (negatively) using the same space to attack him.

This weekend, the super talented teenager posted on Twitter to advertise his skills to anyone who was in need of a makeup artist. "I’m a 16 year old boy that does makeup," he wrote. "I only charge £15 for full face with eyelashes - help me out".

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive, and many Twitter users left hateful replied on Smith's post.

"Disgusting," wrote user, @FutbolTrent. "[Makeup is] for girls and not for boys, and it’s grim when boys wear it."

Another person, @BigPhilAllan, added: "Absolutely disgusting. I'd give my son a right clobberin if he walked in like this. Feel like being sick."

However, Smith wasn't going to just sit there and take those kinds of comments. He replied to some of the haters with a simple "thanks" to let them know that their criticism was noted (and promptly ignored), and sent out this message to those who those who continued to attack him:

He also posted a follow-up tweet saying, "Been told to kill myself, f****t queer poof gay boy all that s**t since my tweet got a lot of attention, but i ain’t giving a f**k! Just because a small percentage of people don’t agree with me being a BOY in makeup oh well I ain’t gonna stop!"

And then something amazing happened: hundreds of people jumped into the comments to offer their support.

In an interview with Indy100, Smith said:

"I am totally overwhelmed by all the support I am receiving. It feels so new to me but I’m so glad I am getting the recognition I have been waiting for especially from people worldwide.

"I started doing makeup when I had seen YouTube videos of Jeffree Star and wanted to try it out for myself. He has been my inspiration for a long time and has kept me going throughout the tough backlash I have received on some of my posts.

"I always say that practice makes perfect as I am a self-taught artist. I would say to other boys that are wanting to try makeup DO IT!! Never mind the nasty hate comments because people will try and bring you down in this world when they see your doing something good for yourself and keep strong even if you do get hate because things will get better.

"I couldn’t have got through it without the help and support of my family."

Smith is undeniably talented, and it's great to see that so many people are now recognising him for his skills. There will always be people who attack things that they don't fully understand or appreciate - but at least this teenager knows that he has the support and ability to rise above it all.