The 'Arbynator' sandwich from Arby's is loaded with curly fries and half a pound of beef

The 'Arbynator' sandwich from Arby's is loaded with curly fries and half a pound of beef

If you ever have an inexplicable hankering for an obscene amount of roast beef, then we both know that there's only one place you should really be heading. There are plenty of places that'll do you a beef patty, but none will do you a ton of roast beef slices quite like Arby's.

Forget what Jon Stewart says - much like Taco Bell, Arby's gets somewhat of a bad rep. The roast beef chain has plenty of merits, and this latest burger is absolutely, definitely one of them. Now, you'll be able to bite into its delicious meat wherever you are in the United States.

Depending on where you are in the country, you may have laid eyes on the Arbynator before; you may even have had the chance to sample its delicious flavours. Late last year, Arby's quietly rolled out this massive mound of meat, testing it to see if it would kill anyone who dared best it. It did not, so they decided to bring the sandwich nationwide.

In case you haven't heard of it (which wouldn't be surprising), the Arbynator is, of course, a roast beef sandwich. It's also just so, so much more than that. For a start, it's got half a pound of beef to play with, but the main selling point of the Arbynator is the ton of curly fries loaded into this magnificent burger. It looks something like this:

Arby's Arbynator Credit: Arby's

You can get it in one of three sizes, but I honestly think that if you don't go for the Half Pound, you're clogging your toilet for pretty much no reason. No half measures, my friends. Arby's, its mad creators, seem pretty happy with what they have wrought on the world, and who could blame them?

"The Arbynator has Roast Beef, Cheese Sauce, Horsey Sauce®, Arby’s Sauce® and Curly Fries, all in the same sandwich. Or in other words, it is the most Arby’s sandwich Arby’s has ever made. Available in Classic, Double and Half Pound sizes."

Oh God. Just looking at it is giving me chest pains in the best possible way. With plenty of cheese and a combination of Horsey and Arby's sauce, this sandwich has enough sauce to get the job done, even with a serving of french fries inside of it. In a world of really, really big burgers, the Arbynator stands out from the rest.

Well, folks - if you'd like to get your hands on an Arbynator and then proceed to do nothing for the rest of the week as it slowly makes it way through your system and your body struggles to digest it, then I suggest you do so quickly. The Arbynator will stage its grand (and I mean grand) entrance on November 19, and you can eat it up until December 23, keeping you full all the way up until Christmas Dinner (yes, I know what I said).

Can't wait to sink my teeth in those roast beef curly fries.