The daughter of an Indian billionaire has hired 12 members of staff to help her through university

The daughter of an Indian billionaire has hired 12 members of staff to help her through university

Contrary to what a lot of people might believe, university isn't easy. Sure, from the outside, it might look as if students spend most of their time drinking, partying, and taking naps at strange hours of the day - but, in reality, it's pretty hard graft.

Well, it is for most people.

A privileged few, however, get to sail through their degree without having to take on several part time jobs or resort to crippling student loans in order to pay their tuition fees. They don't know what it's like to rock up to lectures after working the graveyard shift to pay for food, or to live off of dried noodles and frozen vegetables.

In fact, for one student from the UK, she won't even have to worry about getting herself dressed.

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An unidentified daughter of an Indian billionaire, dubbed "Britain's poshest student" by a number of tabloids, has reportedly hired 12 members of staff in order to help her get through her four-year degree at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

According to the Sun newspaper, the student's family have hired a lady's maid, a private chef, a butler, three footmen, a chauffeur, a gardener, three housekeepers, and a house manager. Oh, and to save her the fuss of living in university halls of residence (the most expensive of which are actually often nicer than some top dollar penthouses), they've also bought her a nearby mansion to live in while she completes her studies.

Earlier this summer an advertisement calling for a maid asked for a "an outgoing, cheerful and energetic personality" who would be responsible for "waking principal up, liaising with other staff regarding routine and schedule, assisting with grooming, wardrobe management and personal shopping".

In other words: this girl will barely have to lift a finger while she's at home.

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As for the other members of staff, the butler's job will be to "oversee the team", meanwhile the footmen will be responsible for serving all the meals, keeping the house clean, and catering to the student's requests around the house. This includes opening doors for her "wherever possible", according to the advertisement.

All members of staff are expected to have had previous experience, and will be paid around £30,000 ($38,500) for their duties.

Now, this may sound like a life of sheer luxury for the student (and, if we're honest, a lot of us would probably swap our lives for hers in a heartbeat), but it's unlikely that she'll get to enjoy herself at all while she's at university.

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While everyone else is staying out until 4am at some terrible student night or staying up in their friend's kitchen talking about absolute nonsense until daybreak, she'll probably be under strict orders from the butler to stay in and do her coursework.

And, as amazing as it sounds to have literally anything and everything you need at all times, it doesn't sound as fun as treating yourself to a huge takeaway when payday rolls around, or making friends with your roommates after being trapped outside your halls because of a fire alarm at midnight.

But, who knows, maybe she prefers spending the evenings with her footmen.