The guac is free at Chipotle for just one day

The guac is free at Chipotle for just one day

Sometimes you have a hunger that only Chipotle can satiate. The beloved American chain are known for their Mission-style burritos and tacos, and have provided many an office worker with a delicious Mexican-style lunch, that doesn't completely break the bank.

Well, that's if you don't opt for guacamole. The humble avocado-based dip doesn't tend to be friendly on our purse strings, with eateries like Chipotle charging a premium for the stuff. I mean, haven't you heard, us Millennials are apparently guzzling avocados like nobody's business...

But if you prefer your fare with a side of guac, rest assured that Chipotle now has you covered... well, for today. To celebrate National Avocado Day (yes, that's now a thing), the chain's guac will be on the house when you order an entrée online or via the app.

"We’re only going to say this once. Jk we have a whole marketing campaign about it. Offer valid July 31, 2019 only. One free guacamole per entrée when ordered via Chipotle app or online. Void where prohibited," Chipotle states in the caption of their Instagram post.

What a time to be alive, eh?