The 'Koala Challenge' is the hot new social media trend everyone is trying

The 'Koala Challenge' is the hot new social media trend everyone is trying

Ladies and gentlemen, the next huge social media challenge is here, and I for one am happy it doesn't involve us brazenly flirting with mortal peril. At least not yet.

While over the past year social media challenges have seen people do some truly bizarre things in the name of social media attention (all producing less-than-ideal results), the Koala Challenge is somewhat safer, but be warned that there's still an element of danger involved.

Koala Credit: Getty

So what's the Koala Challenge, I hear you definitely asking right now? Well, wouldn't you like to know! It's something that's quite simple in theory but requires peak physical condition in practice, and when I explain it to you, you're going to want to try it out on the most physically fit person you can find.

It's simple. All you need is the climbing skills of everyone's favourite eucalyptus-chewing marsupial, and someone who's dying to pull off a decent impression of a tree. Then, you've got to climb all around your partner's body without touching the ground or falling off.

Sound confusing? Well, let's see what that looks like in practice:

Here's one such sample, performed with the minimum of fuss, and soon, you too can be one of the cool kids who can climb all the way around without falling to the ground.

This challenge, as you might imagine, originated in Australia, and the Koala Challenge is best performed on a sandy beach or on a comfy yoga mat - lest you fail the challenge and hit the ground at an awkward angle, straining your back or otherwise badly injuring yourself.

Both parties in this challenge have to be pretty strong; your climber has to be flexible and wiry enough to climb around a person without being able to push off the ground, while your human tree has to stay as still as possible, clenching all their muscles in unison so they don't make things harder for the climber.

Let's take a look at another example.

Check the form on both participants; watch the muscles ripple as the climber makes her way around, watch the human tree puff his cheeks from the strain of holding up another person without holding onto them. The Koala Challenge, as you can see, is pretty difficult, but if you're an expert in calisthenics, then you might find it a little bit easier.

But what of those who haven't got six packs or the lean, wiry figure of Brad Pitt in 1999's Fight Club? Well, this might be the time to get in shape for those social media likes.

Alternatively, you could also start your own Koala Challenge which requires no feats of physical strength; simply eat a bunch of eucalyptus leaves on camera. Either way, this particular challenge is a great way to spend Koala-ty time (sorry) on social media.