The latest menu item at Arby's is a burger that's literally the very first of its kind

The latest menu item at Arby's is a burger that's literally the very first of its kind

When it comes to various fast food chains and their standing in popular culture, there's no restaurant out there more widely reviled than Arby's. Although there's nothing wrong on the surface with their offering of roast beef, I'll leave it to legendary comedian Jon Stewart to explain exactly the public's problems with Arby's.

So, at this point, Arby's is little more than a punchline, and if you've ever eaten at Arby's, you'll understand where Jon Stewart is coming from - so will your overworked plumber. But while Arby's has carved out a reputation as being the place people go to eat ironically, with Stewart having retired from the Daily Show for three years, maybe it's time for Arby's to undergo a PR facelift.

If the guys up at the Arby's board room are of the same opinion, then maybe it's no surprise that they commissioned a new burger to get the public's mouths a-watering. But rather than their usual roast beef fare, Arby's are pioneering a new type of burger - one that's never been done by a fast food joint before.

I'm not talking about a new type of preparation, or a new sauce, or some kind of fancy bun. Arby's new has an entirely different meat. Check it, food lovers. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Arby's Credit: Getty

Over in America, we've got a steady roster of dead animals we like to slather with cheese and stuff between a bun. Beef and chicken are most popular, but you've also got pork, lamb or at a pinch, fish that can do the job. But have you ever had a duck burger?

No? Well, then you best head to Arby's, because they're making history by becoming the first fast food company to come up with a duck burger. Feast your eyes, and ready your stomachs, for the Seared Duck Sandwiches. Look at just one example of what you could be stuffing into your mouth, very very soon:

Credit: Arby's

You're looking at seared duck breast (obviously), but you've also got onion rings, cherry sauce and your signature Arby's bun. Cheese is conspicuous by its absence, but then again, that's more out of reflex - I have no idea if that would actually work with a duck burger. It's a whole new world of discovery, folks.

Arby's marketing for this has been... uh, weird, to say the least. There's a distinct feel of the Elmer Fudd (look it up, kids) about their teasing, cryptic marketing on Twitter. Here's their first hint, complete with theatre majors who really, really needed the cash:

Be vewy, vewy quiet.

Then, there was this outstanding Photoshop job, which kind of implies that Arby's puts little hats on each of their food livestock, so they're nice and placid before they're eventually slaughtered. How nice of them.

Anyway, if you want a Seared Duck Burger from Arby's (it's probably better than the rest of the food there), then you've got only one of 16 locations to check out, which can be found at their official website. It's released to the public October 20, but only while stocks last. So get out there quick, folks! Before Jon Stewart beats you to it!

Haha, just kidding.