The 'no poo' movement promises to completely transform your hair 

The 'no poo' movement promises to completely transform your hair 

Think about how many times a week you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and then think about how much money you probably spend on all the bottles you go through each year. It adds up, right?

Well, something called the "no poo" movement has been gaining traction over the years, and as odd as the name sounds at first, it's all about ditching shampoo, or, 'poo.

More and more people are talking about the benefits of quitting the hair-washing rituals that we've all grown up with, claiming that ditching shampoo products has left their hair in its best state ever.


There's even a sub-Reddit titled "NoPoo" which really shows how big this movement is. With more than 25k subscribers, the community is described as "A place to discuss natural hair care and alternatives to shampoo."

Some people claim to have gone more than a year without washing their hair, though it is generally accepted that you can use some "no poo approved" products to give your locks an occasional clean. They should be specific, all-natural products that are gentler on the hair than shampoos, and they include ingredients like baking soda, rye flour and apple cider vinegar. However, some people say just washing it with water is enough.

If you need more convincing, the #nopoomethod hashtag on Instagram shows that you really, truly can have healthy looking hair without shampoo.

The idea is to "wean" your hair off shampoo, eventually leaving it to be bouncy, shiny, and naturally clean all on its own. You're probably scrunching your nose up at the idea of not washing your hair, because most of us are all too familiar with that limp, oily look that can develop once you've put your hair-washing day off a bit too long.

But apparently, our hair is getting too greasy too quickly, and it's because we're washing it far too frequently. See, the chemicals in shampoo tend to strip the natural oils away from hair, and when the glands on your scalp feel especially dried-out after a fresh wash, the oils will only be replenished in greater quantities.

But switching from using shampoo a few times a week to not at all takes some time. Your hair will look pretty greasy to start with, and that's because your glands need some time to regulate how much oil your hair and scalp needs on its own.

One thread in the "no poo" Reddit revealed that the transition phase – where your hair goes from gross and greasy to luscious and looking healthier than ever – all depends on the individual and the kind of hair they have.

"2-3 weeks for me," one person wrote, "my hair only goes down to my ears though."

For someone else, however, it took half a year:

"I have fine straight hair. Mine took 6 months before I was happily washing once a week. Usually get to day 5 before it starts to look a little greasy. I switched wash methods a couple times, though."

It sounds like it could take a while for your hair to be at its dream state, but judging by the rave reviews of the "no poo" method, it could be worth it.