The world's largest Starbucks is opening in Chicago, and it's four storeys high

The world's largest Starbucks is opening in Chicago, and it's four storeys high

It's a bit of a stereotype that there are too many Starbucks cafes in the world already. Seems like everywhere you go, from Mumbai to Beijing, San Francisco to Timbuktu, you can find a Starbucks on the street corner.

But now it seems as though the world's most popular coffee franchise has a new plan. Instead of opening loads and loads of cafes all over the place, they've decided to consolidate it all in one gigantic location.

In season eight of Game of Thrones, Starbucks even made an appearance in Westeros:

That's right: Starbucks has just announced that they're intending on building the world's biggest cafe in Chicago, which they want to be four storeys high and have enough space for potentially hundreds of customers at once.

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery is currently scheduled to open at 10 AM on November 15 on the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue. The 43,000-square-foot Roastery will be located in Chicago’s Crate and Barrel building and will be the biggest Starbucks branch on the planet.

An image of the proposed Starbucks coffee outlet. Credit: Starbucks

Commenting on the venture in a statement made to NBC Chicago, Starbucks’ executive chairman Howard Schultz stated:

"Having opened our first Starbucks store in Chicago nearly 30 years ago, our first outside of Seattle, this is a very special city for me. At the time, it was a true test for Starbucks because the Chicago customer is so savvy and discerning about their coffee."

Meanwhile, Crate and Barrel founder Gordon Segal stated:

"This building has a unique way of becoming a beacon for a brand, and I can’t think of a better retailer than Starbucks to offer Chicago something new and exciting with its Reserve Roastery."

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According to Chicago Business, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago will employ around 200 people. I have a feeling it will need to: that place is going to be packed before long!