There's now a Mountain Dew body wash that smells just like the soda

There's now a Mountain Dew body wash that smells just like the soda

It's nearly Christmas, which means that you've got mere days left to buy a novelty gift for someone you don't know that well but are, for some unfathomable reason, obligated to get something for.

And in the spirit of such things, brands have been jostling for position in the already over-crowded market of festive fare.

Take a look at the festive films available to watch on Netflix this Christmas:

Aldi has done its level best to win the game with its countless weird and wonderful holiday offerings, from a Harry Potter advent calendar, to the return of its ever-popular wine advent calendar and much more besides.

If you were looking for more food and drink, then a grinch-themed holiday cookie from Nestle Toll House appeared to sate your appetite, alongside yet more from Aldi in the form of their two-metre long pig in blanket and candy cane gin liqueur.

Credit: Nestle

But now, if by some miracle you're still after something a little bit different, then you might consider getting your hands on this Mountain Dew body wash, or at least you could if it wasn't an extremely limited edition release!

In a note to Best Products, the Mountain Dew team wrote;

“The image was shared across social media, and many of our fans said the same thing: Make. It. Happen.

“So we did. Who are we to deny DEW nation?”

According to Best Products, the body wash smells citrusy, and according to a PR rep, Mountain Dew itself is an ingredient.

Sadly only 250 bottles of the body wash were made, and they were sent to friends of the brand. But you never know, the positive response from fans lead them to create the limited edition product, so if enough people love the idea, they might do it on a larger scale!