There's now an office desk that allows you to work lying down

There's now an office desk that allows you to work lying down

Sometimes, we aren't in the mood or physically capable of sitting up at a desk (hangovers are the typical cause, but serious conditions can be too) and one company has come up with a solution - an office desk that allows you to work lying down.

While I'm lucky enough to work in an office with alternative seating options, like booths, the space in them is limited, which is why this desk could prove so popular even in my workplace.

Now, I say desk, but as the video below demonstrates, it's more like a high-tech chair that does everything you could possibly need to do in an office environment.

Watch the Altwork Station in action: 

As per the company's website: "The Altwork Station supports your body and your work by seamlessly conforming your keyboard, desk, mouse, and monitor to your body."

Unfortunately, however, this piece of tech doesn't come cheap and retails for $7,650, so it's definitely something that should be pitched as an investment if you're thinking about suggesting it to your boss.

An alternative desk. Credit: Altwork

However, if the Altwork Station reviews are anything to go by, it's an investment worth making.

One user wrote on the website: "I suffered a lumbar disc tear and the Altwork station was critical in my recovery. I was able to avoid surgery partly due to the fact that I could continue to work on a daily basis without loading my lower back."

Another wrote: "I have suffered for years with neck issues, and it would limit the amount of work I could do in a day. With my Altwork chair, I never want to leave work, I LOVE IT. I can work 12 hours straight and still be really comfortable.
This chair is gonna take my company to 15 mil [sic] in rev this year no question this chair is a [gamechanger]."

An alternative desk. Credit: Altwork

However, these are company-chosen reviews, and Chris Taylor from Mashable also tried it out to give an impartial opinion.

"Freed of the distracting discomfort brought on by endless sitting or standing - the restless legs, the never-straight-enough spine - your brain suddenly finds itself more able to get on with the business of putting its best thoughts on the screen," he said.

"Once you get over the panicky sensation that the monitor is about to drop on your face, that is."

So, if the Altwork Station sounds like the office solution you've been waiting for, it can be purchased here.