Theresa May dancing might just be the most awkward thing you'll ever see

Theresa May dancing might just be the most awkward thing you'll ever see

I feel socially awkward quite a lot of the time. I'm sure many of you can relate to this kind of thing, as you've had plenty of experiences where you've said a joke that's got no laughs, didn't know what to do in a particular social interaction or otherwise put your foot firmly in your mouth. But you're still probably not as awkward as British Prime Minister Theresa May.

There's her weird curtseys:

And her bewildering anecdotes about the "naughtiest thing" she's ever done:

God, the cringe is SO real.

For me, one of the most awkward situations is when you're pressured into dancing. Dancing when you want to do it - when the lights are low and you've had a few drinks - that's all fine. But when you don't want to do it, forcing it can feel incredibly awkward. So, how do you think Theresa May would handle this kind of situation?

Well, it turns out the cringe factor goes completely off the charts.

Recently May paid a visit to children at the I.D. Mkhize Senior Secondary school in Gugulethu, Cape Town. She was there to announce a scheme that could boost foreign students' education, opening up to 100 more of "Africa's brightest young people". Either way, it all ended up in this cringe-worthy moment, when Theresa joined in with the dancing children:

Man, I can feel the cringe in my bones. She looks like a Thunderbirds puppet, honestly. Next time you're feeling bad about your moves on the dance floor, remember it could be worse.