These bee-shaped backpacks protect babies' heads if they fall

These bee-shaped backpacks protect babies' heads if they fall

Looking after a tiny human is hard work. There are the endless feeds, the need to plan your schedule around their nap times, and then there's the task of actually keeping them alive. No matter what you do, your home is always going to be a potential death trap, what with all the appliances, and everyday things - which while innocuous to me and you - could put your tot in peril.

Fortunately for all the anxious parents out there, Amazon is selling a product that protects your little one's noggin, while keeping them looking cute to boot.

Although taking a tumble is a natural part of your newborn's development, mums and dads will be happy to learn that you can now purchase backpacks with head protectors to keep your little one safe as they explore the world for the first time.

Amazon Credit: Amazon

Several brands on Amazon are selling the cushioned head protectors, which are designed to look like cute animals such as bumblebees, rabbits and baby duckings.

They function like your average backpack, featuring a strap that goes over the shoulder, but they also include a soft head rest, should your child fall, or decide on a nap.

The product is designed for babies ranging from 4 to 24 months.

Credit: Amazon

And it comes with a pretty sweet price tag too. The product retails on Amazon from just £2.84 ($4).

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Parents are naturally loving them. "Love this bee! Really stops my baby from banging the back of her head, as she's currently pulling herself to stand & crawling & she kind of free falls back a lot!!!," wrote one happy customer, while another corroborated "Very nice fit, and protects baby back of the head and back while sitting. Looks cute too made a few family members laugh!"

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