This girl has a very odd strawberry habit, and nobody knows what to think

This girl has a very odd strawberry habit, and nobody knows what to think

We all have our own quirks and little habits when it comes to food. Selena Gomez has ginger every day, Trump now eats a burger with half the bread for "health reasons," it may be weird to you, but it's these little things that get us through the day - honestly, if anyone gets in the way of my 8 am ice coffee, someone is going to get hurt.

Some people may call your quirk weird, but it's yours and you love it dearly. Some, however, are excluded from any redemption. Case and point, this psychopath, this monster below.

This is, believe it or not, a peeled strawberry. Not the heart of a small animal or a candy crush token in real life, a peeled strawberry. Twitter user @daisysied took to the social media site to ask fellow patrons "who else peels their strawberries". Naturally, Twitter went into meltdown.

Before we get into the flesh of the stupidity that is peeling strawberries, @swsfer aptly pointed our something irregular in the picture by saying "so we just gon ignore the fact that you have four fingers." Anyways back to the Twitter meltdown.

Amidst the countless wtf gifs, people were commenting: "Y'all really just gonna ruin strawberries for me like this??" One person replied: "Never peeled strawberries, but I used to peel my grapes, so I sympathize."

@_nic_martinez replied: "Bro this happen to me too I was cutting strawberries for a fruit salad and cut it in the middle and inside was a dead worm," and @gloriousdead_69 wrote: "One time i soaked the strawberries in warm water for a few minutes and one of the dots was actually a worm. No lie. Big Facts."

Maybe the strawberry peeler isn't as peculiar as the internet would like you to believe. Or maybe you're peeled strawberry sympathizers, who wouldn't see crazy if it slapped them in the face!

In another strawberry-related crime against humanity, some cretin decided it would be a good idea to put strawberries on pizza. We've gone back and forth about pineapples to no avail, and someone has to make things worse by torturing pizza like this. Why? This ain't no summer salad or dessert pie?

Someone with an interesting take on strawberries is former Lizzy McGuire actress, Hillary Duff. “This is so random, but I don’t like to eat a strawberry just like a strawberry, so I slice it all up and have it all ready in a container and then it’s just way more edible to me that way and I’ll actually eat them as opposed to them going bad in the container. I’ll put grapes with it or I’ll slice apples with it, or some other kind of fruits so it looks more appealing.”

To be fair to all three of these (some would argue insane) people, they've opened my eyes to the idea that maybe we don't have to eat or do things the way we were told way back when, when we were small and didn't know any better. Each to their own, but there has to be some cutoff point somewhere.