This is how a cinema snack managed to completely destroy a couple's marriage

This is how a cinema snack managed to completely destroy a couple's marriage

Being in a relationship is equally fun as it is difficult, and this is even before you bring food into the equation. How can you expect to love someone for the rest of your days when you can't agree on the simple things like which flavor of Cheetos are the best, how to have your eggs in the morning or whether you should have McDonald's or Burger King for dinner tonight?

For food lovers, simple disputes about adding basil to a recipe instead of oregano can feel like a nuclear war between superpowers. Nothing demonstrates this more than what went down in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in late May, police in Brookfield, Wisconsin, responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Marcus Majestic Cinema. The woman who called the police told officers that she and her husband were waiting in line to buy popcorn when he asked her not to salt the movie snack and walked away.

The woman, feeling it within her rights to salt the popcorn that she had paid for, salted the popcorn despite her husband’s request. When the husband realized what had transpired during his lapse in popcorn vigilance, he allegedly declared the couple’s marriage to be over and refused to watch the movie. His reasons? Well, his wife was unfaithful, of course, and does things behind his back - like salt popcorn. (His words.)

In an act of defiance for the ages, the wife (or pending-ex-wife, I guess), took her husband’s car keys and watched the movie alone, while he presumably brooded outside the theatre, kicking rocks with his hands in his pockets and grumbling her name under his breath. (Again, just speculating here.)

After the movie ended, the woman found her husband. She continued to hold onto his keys, since, as she told officers, he drives too fast when he’s angry. The husband stood outside the car, refusing to get in, and the woman - now worried about how her husband would get home - called the police for advice.

The cops told her to figure it out herself, and that her husband was a grown-up who could make his own decisions. According to the Sentinel, the wife confirmed that nothing physical happened, that her husband didn't threaten her in any way and that she wasn’t worried about future physical violence.

Marriage is a tricky thing - one second you’re happy and in love, the next, your movie popcorn gets salted and you feel that you have no choice but to divorce your partner. It’s a sad story - one that's probably more common than is reported. The number of happy marriages that were ruined by unwarranted snack-salting is likely unprecedented.

What’s done is done, what’s salted is salted, and the only thing left to do is keep a closer eye on your movie snacks and maybe do something crazy and try to work on communication with your partner.