This is how you can get a free JustEat order to enjoy at the weekend

This is how you can get a free JustEat order to enjoy at the weekend

Everybody's working for the weekend, as Loverboy once sang, and boy, do those words ring true. Is there any better feeling than kicking back with your feet up when the rigors of the working week are finally through?

If you're anything like me, you're probably already deciding what to do with the next weekend. A tantalising prospect, seeming, as it does, so far away. But harken to me, because, before you know it, the weekend will be approaching, and you're going to need to figure out how to spend it.

Whether you're planning to sit back and relax, or hook up with friends for a weekend of partying, beer gardens and sun (fingers crossed), it's pretty likely that you're going to be lusting after a takeaway at some point in proceedings. If this sounds like you, and let's be honest, it sounds like all of us, then I am here to tell you that you can get a delicious takeaway for free this weekend.

No, this is isn't some act of dizzying generosity from me personally, but instead a rather brilliant promotion courtesy of TopCashback via JustEat.

Simply by signing up to TopCashback using this link, you will be able to access this quite frankly brilliant offer, though be advised that you must be a new member of the site - or one without any previous transactions - to redeem it.

The offer is for 100% cashback on meals of up to £15 ordered on JustEat, while any purchases over that amount will still get the maximum £15 cashback.

The cashback will be recorded in your TopCashback account within 48 hours and you'll be able to withdraw it to your bank account 14 days after your purchase.

Let's be honest, weekends are the best bit of the week by a country mile; so whether you're planning to party, relax or watch the sport, why not have a free takeaway while you're at it. You're so, so welcome.

Sponsored by TopCashback.