This is the burger that KFC are selling for one day only, at only one location in the world

This is the burger that KFC are selling for one day only, at only one location in the world

By now, with KFC, you have a decent idea of what you're getting every time you go to visit the Colonel. I mean, not in terms of their marketing; I genuinely have no idea what crazy shenanigans that KFC will get up to next when it comes to advertising their products, but food-wise, it's pretty consistent, for the most part.

At KFC, you can get yourself mashed potato, gravy and - of course - a whole bucketload (literally!) of fried chicken. It's pretty simple, really; sometimes, you can decide to get that chicken in drumstick, strip or popcorn form, and you can even get that chicken in burger form, with the Zinger Burger or even the Double Down to tickle your tastebuds.

You've seen it all, folks. Or have you?

Now, one thing that your average fast food chain likes to do is to create limited edition meals, causing potential patrons to rush to their nearest branch. For KFC's Double Down, read McDonald's McRib or their St Patrick's Day-inspired Shamrock Shake. KFC's latest effort, though, is what you could say is super limited edition: it's only available for one day. Oh, and you can only get that limited edition burger at one location in the entire world.

I have an apology to make, you guys. The burger I'm about to show you is a burger that is delicious and extremely sexy-looking, and you're going to want to eat it. But let not your mouth water, my friends, for your tastebuds will probably never touch the #Burger (yes, the "Hashtag Burger"). I'm sorry to tease you for absolutely no reason, my food lovers.

So, why does this burger exist, if only to torture our chicken-eating hearts? Apparently, this is part of a competition run by the various employees of KFC across the UK, where each one was asked to come up with a new recipe. The competition was won by one man - one genius - named Rick Holt, who resides in Bolton in the north of England.

His creation's design is heavily based on the hashtag from which it gets its name; four chicken fillets arranged in the quintessential hashtag, with bacon, cheese, and lettuce. For sauces, we've got Kansas BBQ alongside ranch dressing in a delicious mix, and - of course - the bun has been branded with a "#" on top.

Delicious. But unless you happen to be anywhere near Bolton's KFC Linkway restaurant in Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park, you're never going to be able to taste its juiciness. To be fair, a portion of the proceeds from Holt's burger will go to the KFC Foundation, which is a charity focused around young people.

Rick Holt was delighted to have his burger honoured in the KFC restaurant where he started his career. "I can’t believe that a burger that I designed is actually going to be sold in the restaurant where I began my career," he said. "It’s truly epic. Aside from appearing on Ninja Warrior, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done."

I don't know about you, Rick, but this is infinitely better than appearing on Ninja Warrior. I'm sorry to say.