This make-up artist transforms himself into all of your favorite celebrities and it's incredible

This make-up artist transforms himself into all of your favorite celebrities and it's incredible

It's a miracle what you can achieve with a little bit of makeup these days. Seriously, all I have to do to transform myself from tired-looking zombie to slightly-less-tired-looking human is slap on a bit of foundation, and *boom* instant improvement. What's more, the only extra effort I ever make when going out is maybe a spot of eyeliner and a little highlighter - and even that's enough to earn a compliment or two from friends.

In the grand scheme of things, though, most of us don't even scratch the surface when it comes to harnessing the full potential of makeup. We might have our go-to lipliners and trusty mascaras to fall back on when the time comes to fancy ourselves up a bit, but how may of us really use cosmetic products for real artworks?

One person who certainly does is Alexis Stone, a makeup artist from Manchester, England. Using only store-bought cosmetics, he is able to transform himself into anyone from the Queen of England to Will Smith - and his skills are like nothing you've seen before. Just take a look at some of his finest works...

1. You won't belieb your eyes when you see this one

2. Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's actually Alexis

3. This should win the Oscar for best makeup

4. Alexis, you're going to need to Cher your makeup tips with us all

5. Come on, Vogue

6. Someone get this guy his own talk show right now

7. Somehow still not as fake as the real Donatella 

8. This is the best look, the greatest look, nobody else does makeup like this

9. Watch out Zuckerberg, someone's stolen your face(book)

10. Everyone else step aside, the momager has arrived

11. Holy crap!

12. A look deserving of a crown

13. From one queen to another

14. Now this look is fresh

15. Alexis' skills are a 'Lange' way from a horror story

16. The second Jenner to make the list

17. Looking as pale as he did in Edward Scissorhands - but somehow still more lifelike

18. A style icon for the ages

Needless to say, then, Alexis has a lot of skill - but I don't think most of us will be attempting his looks for a casual daytime event anytime soon.