This makeup artist's colorful way of embracing her acne will leave you feeling seriously inspired

This makeup artist's colorful way of embracing her acne will leave you feeling seriously inspired

While a number of celebrities and influencers have become increasingly outspoken about the state of their skin, and any skin conditions they may have, the majority of us still feel the need to cover up blemishes, and any other unexpected marks that pop up on our faces.
Certainly, although we may be seeing greater diversity when it comes to body types on social media, it's still considered taboo to showcase acne in editorial campaigns or on the runway - despite the fact that we all, at one point or the other, have had to contend with a bout of troublesome skin.

One makeup artist, however, has taken it upon herself to change our attitude towards acne in a seriously colourful way.

Makeup artist, Rocio Cervantes, has been praised on social media for discovering what has to be the best way to cover up pimples, ever. 

In a series of photos posted to her Twitter, Rocio shared the unique way that she uses makeup to deal with a breakout. "I’ve been super frustrated not been able to do makeup so this came out of frustration lmao but I really like it and I hope anyone dealing with any skin condition can know they are not alone!" she wrote. "I'm posting them lol I had an idea of not covering my acne so I thought why not put star stickers on top of them&then my foundation especially since right now I’m struggling with a lot of break outs but at the same time I want to do makeup so I hope y’all like! It made me happy [sic]."

"It saddens me because yesterday I was wondering what it would be like if I didn’t have acne like what it would be if I had clear skin then it made me really ashamed of myself for thinking that because I am beautiful I just have to really tell myself that more often, [sic]" she continued.

I mean, is this not genius?

Naturally, the people of Twitter were all for the idea of covering acne with adorable little stars. "Everyone that’s ever dealt with cystic acne or any acne really needed this, I needed this, this touched my heart I love you you’re beautiful," one social media user wrote, while another added "This makes me feel a whole hell of a lot better about my spotty face. Beautiful makeup on a beautiful face that looks like mine. thanks for this."

And this Twitter user made an excellent point: "You’re not defined by your skin but right now you’re the only if not one of the only people in the beauty community people with acne can relate to... you show everyone that we can look gorgeous even if we have imperfection or acne we can still beat our faces and look like a 30/10 [sic]"

To create the look, Rocio applied the stickers over her breakouts, and then put foundation over them to soften the effect. She completed the look by adding colour to her eyes, and gloss to her lips.