This mom sent a series of hilariously awkward messages to someone she thought was her son

This mom sent a series of hilariously awkward messages to someone she thought was her son

Most of us by now have experienced the heart-stopping moment when you see that your parents have joined Facebook, and have sent you the inevitable friend request. Most of us are then pretty cautious before accepting said request, doing a mental run-through of anything we've been tagged in or commented on as of late.

But after a while, you realise that it's actually not that bad and that it can be actually quite fun to troll your mother on Facebook. Which is exactly what this guy did.

Aiden Anderson from Balloch in Scotland recently posted about a text conversation his mother Debbie had after he wound her up by "commenting on stuff on her Facebook", which lead her to block him. Debbie began messaging him to unblock him, but it turns out that she was messaging another Aiden Anderson – not her son – on Facebook instead. The conversation is hilariously cringe-y due to the fact that she refuses to believe it's not actually him.

When he found out about it, he posted screenshots of the conversation between his mum and the same-named-stranger with the caption: "my mum messaged some random guy thinking it was me and i am dying???".

"I was winding my mum up commenting on stuff on her Facebook so she blocked me and I told her to unblock me and for some reason, she thought she already had unblocked me and thought that profile was me ( she doesn’t bother checking ) and messaged him," he told Unilad.

The screenshots show that she began messaging 'Aiden Anderson' with an initial blunt request to "Add me". The guy simply replied "Nah", which seemed to have gotten Aiden's mum fired up, who told him to "stop moaning" and threatened to block him back.

"All I said was nah but that’s fine," the guy replied.

"You keep saying I’ve blocked you when I haven’t," Debbie retorted, which lead the guy to learn that Debbie was actually trying to get in touch with someone else. "Think you’ve got the wrong person sorry," he explained.

Hilariously, Debbie just wrote back "Shut up", thinking it was her cheeky son who was still toying with her. However, this seems to have irritated the wrong-Aiden, who responded with a lengthy message that told Debbie she was being "rude AF".

"Right, I have absolutely no f*cking clue who you are," he said. "You have got the wrong f*cking person. I don’t know why you are speaking to me but I’m severely not interested if you’re just going to be rude as f*ck. Thanks and bye. Blocked"


Clocking on to what had happened, Debbie explained that she thought he was her son, adding: "I did wonder why he had a random boy in his profile picture".

"My mum just thinks it’s funny looking back on it, the boy who she messaged is actually from the same place my mum works which is rather funny," the real Aiden said. "My mum thinks it’s funny, she’s slightly embarrassed but she’s always about a good laugh."

It comes as no surprise that the tweet went viral, and it seems that all is well again between Debbie, Aiden, and the other dude called Aiden who got mixed up in the whole debacle.