This office lunch theft story has got Twitter screaming with laughter

This office lunch theft story has got Twitter screaming with laughter

Working in a big office, I know all too well about "office lunch thieves." It's happened once or twice during my short career and, if we're being honest here, it's one of the biggest crimes that can be committed in the walls of your employment. I mean, who in their right mind look at someone else's lunch and thinks: "yes, that is not mine, but I'll definitely take it"? A psychopath, that's who.

Still, while for the majority of us, the idea of stealing somebody's lunch seems completely absurd - there are those people who do not feel the same. So, when a man took to Twitter to describe a lunch theft that had taken place in his office, Twitter was gripped.

Writer and comedian Zak Toscani shared what he claimed to be a true story that unfolded at his office. When one of his co-worker's had his lunch stolen, he asked to see the security tape, in order to find out who it was that was behind this heinous crime.

"Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever." wrote Toscani.

The writer then disclosed exactly what the lunch was, in order to shed some light on the scale of the crime. He also provided up background information on the scene.

After giving us the backstory, Toscani then ramped up the excitement, saying that his co-worker had now returned to his desk.

It turned out that the woman responsible sat next to Toscani. But, while that may have been dramatic enough, the writer also revealed that she didn't eat the lunch - she threw it in the trash!

Despite being the victim of the crime, Toscani said that the man decided that he didn't want to take the matter any further. The company then issued an email about stealing food in the office, with the culprit also returning to her desk.

Shortly after reading the email, the victim and the criminal exchanged words.

However, rather than admitting her crime, the woman denies throwing away the lunch and even calls the man a snitch for going to HR.

Despite her denial, Toscani reminds the audience that everyone, "from the janitor to the founder," knows how cold-blooded she is.

The story went viral on Twitter, with it getting hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets. And, due in part to the fact that is a hugely relatable story, plenty of people had some things to say about it.

If you've worked in an office, there is no doubt that this story is incredibly relatable. Not only is stealing someone's lunch was of the biggest office faux pas, but taking someone's leftovers, deserves a jail sentence.