This viral challenge has taken eating biscuits to a whole new level

This viral challenge has taken eating biscuits to a whole new level

We all love a challenge, don't we? Well, we've teamed up with McVitie's to bring you a challenge that's as fun as it is tasty. What's more, pretty much anyone can have a go at it, too.

Personally, I can turn pretty much anything into a competition if I put my mind to it; running, typing at record-setting speed, video games or maybe even just a good old fashioned game of  'who has the better posture?'

Perhaps this is why we have seen the meteoric rise of a phenomenon we all know simply as the 'viral challenge'.

We've all seen them - my personal favourite has to be Lindsay Lohan inspiring some wacky dance moves after wowing people everywhere by throwing some shapes in some exotic locale or another.

But what if I were to tell you that one of the original - and best - viral challenges has been given an altogether indulgent update?

Mcvities viral biscuit challenge

We're all familiar with the 'cereal box game' are we not? You might call it something different, but if I were to describe the challenge thus: pick up a cereal box off the floor without using your hands, you'd know what I was talking about, wouldn't you?

We've all tried it, to varying degrees of success.

But if you're less than enamoured with the idea of picking up cardboard with your teeth, then I've got a delicious alternative for you. Let me introduce you to 'Edible Tower' - a game devised by Joe Tasker, which takes the cereal box game and makes it infinitely more appealing, replacing said cardboard with a delectable tower of McVitie's Chocfilled Thins.

Contestants then attempt to nab the top-most biscuit without using their hands, and as the game goes on, the tower gets smaller, increasing the level of difficulty.

Sounds tasty, right?

Joe Tasker Mcvities challenge

This covers two major areas of life; a bit of friendly competition, and an indulgent, crispy biscuit, all in one bitesize package. After this, you might never eat a biscuit the same way again, but once you've tasted one of these McVitie's Chocfilled Thins, they're bound to be number one on your list of tasty treats - and they're available in both 'Milk Chocolate' and 'Double Choc'.

Please do remember that all tasty treats should be enjoyed as part of a healthy and balanced diet - sharing is caring, especially when it comes to chocolatey biscuits!

In the meantime, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the full video and if you give it a go, make sure you tag @McVitiesOfficial.