This woman has taken 'Januhairy' to the next level by dying her armpit hair

This woman has taken 'Januhairy' to the next level by dying her armpit hair

As part of their new year's resolutions, more and more women are deciding to embrace 'Januhairy' - a trend that sees them letting their body hair grow out and forgo shaving their legs, armpits, or any other bits of themselves.

There are many different motivations for doing this: for some it's an act of rebellion against the objectification of women's bodies, while for others it's just so they can feel free and easy in the cold and uncomfortable winter months.

However, one body hair devotee has decided to take things one step further: by dyeing her armpit hair all manner of different colours.

An image of Emerald Jade. Credit: Press Association

Emerald Jade, a 24-year-old hair stylist from Arkansas, first decided to ditch razors for good when she was 20, as the blades would irritate her sensitive skin and leave her with a rash. Last year she decided to dye her armpit fuzz, and while she sometimes has strangers do a double-take when they see her hair in warmer climates, she says that she hasn't heard any objections from the public at large so far.

Commenting on her body hair, Emerald stated: "I started out dyeing my pit hair as a bit of fun, but now I feel much more confident and empowered ... In my experience, men don’t mind it. It’s something a little different.

"I’ve never had any negative comments ... I have never had anyone say anything negative to my face – but because I don’t attempt to hide my body hair, I do get people staring. I think people feel awkward because it isn’t the norm for women to have body hair – let alone bright pink body hair."

She added: "Other people’s opinions don’t bother me, though. It is ridiculous that, in 2019, women are still pressured to shave or wax. Body hair is a personal choice, and what I do with my armpits is up to me, and no different to what someone chooses to do with their head hair or eyebrows.

An image of Emerald Jade. Credit: Press Association

"I personally haven’t found body odour to be an issue – I just use deodorant, like everybody else. Body hair is supposed to be there, that’s why it grows. It has a function and letting it grow out is just allowing it to do that function.

"I think those that believe it’s strange to see a woman embracing her hair need to ask themselves why that is. Why should it matter what somebody else does with their body? Dyeing my own hair has helped me express myself, and have a bit of fun. If someone wants to do the same, I’d recommend asking a professional to do it, as, at the end of the day, you are still applying chemicals to your hair, but other than that – more power to you."

Personally, I think that Emerald has shown a very mature and insightful attitude. Maybe we should all follow her advice and let our hair down a bit more.