This woman tricked her Tinder match into believing they had the same phone number

This woman tricked her Tinder match into believing they had the same phone number

In the dating world, Tinder is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it allows people to peruse potential dates from the comfort of their own home (or at the bar on a tipsy night out), and assess very quickly whether or not they think someone else would be a good fit for them.

On the other, though, it sort of takes the magic out of meeting someone knew, and turns the search for 'the one' into a freaky kind of scavenger hunt - one that's littered with weirdos who send d**k pics and corny chat-up lines.

Because of this, it's very easy to become jaded with the whole 'swipe right' deal, and those who use the app find themselves turning to it as a source of time-killing entertainment rather than a serious dating tool. I know this first-hand, as I once went on a spree of only matching with people who had strange pets so I could ask them more about their lizards/birds of prey/exotic fish (don't judge me, I learned a lot about goshawks).

But if you want to see some real quality levels of Tinder trolling, look no further than Twitter user, Hannah, who managed to convince her match that she had the same phone number as him.

The conversation had started innocently enough, with Hannah's match, Patrick, sending his number over in a very non-committal message. Despite him not seeming pushy, though, Hannah thought it best to stop him in his tracks before he got too excited by the prospect of getting all up in her WhatsApp convos.

And she played it off so coolly that he had no reason to suspect she was messing with him.

Now, most of us, by this point, would probably have worked out that this was a prank - especially given that this is Tinder, a place where all sorts of crazy stuff happens on the regular.

But Patrick - poor, naive, unsuspecting Patrick - was too blinded by the prospect of hooking up with Hannah to even consider that she might have been pulling his leg.

And so the joke continued.

Eventually, Hannah left her never-to-be beau hanging on a rather sad note - only to then share their conversation to millions of strangers on the internet.

But for those who feel sorry for ol' Pat: thankfully, there is a sort of happy ending, as Hannah eventually put the guy out of his misery by texting him.

I can't say I see these guys going on to have a fairytale romance (in fact, I can't even imagine that they'll exchange many more texts), but, hey, at least they got their time to shine on Twitter.