This woman's fake tan disaster is going viral for all the wrong reasons

This woman's fake tan disaster is going viral for all the wrong reasons

We do an awful lot to our bodies in the name of beauty. From gruelling workouts to spending way too much on products, we're always looking for ways to be more aesthetically pleasing. I mean, just think about how much cash you have spent trying to get smoother hair, whiter teeth and skin that instantly makes you think of exotic locales.

Yes, having tanned, bronzy skin has become such an emblem of beauty that fake tanning is now a million dollar industry. However, as anyone who has ever used fake tanners can attest to, it can be tricky to get right. And if you're not careful, you can emerge all golden brown, but replete with streaks, splatters and other give-aways that your bronzy glow came from a can; and not a result of splashing a few thousand on plane tickets and parasol hire.

One woman on Instagram recently seriously messed up in the fake tan department, and boy do we feel bad for her...

fake tan Credit: Getty

The incident, which was first reported by Allure, was documented on social media by Jules Von Hepp - the founder of Isle of Paradise fake tan. A customer allegedly wore a sock that she had previously used to apply fake tan, and of course, this resulted in one incredibly "tanned" foot, and a very pale ankle.

"I was using a sock as a temp tanning mitt and forgot and put that one on at 5am to go to the gym," the customer wrote across the photo, which was originally posted to her Instagram Stories. She also wrote "F*CK SAKE", adding "Lucky I have your tan eraser."

The woman in question sent the photo to Von Hepp in a private message, and he promptly posted it to Instagram (presumably after obtaining permission). "Probably one of the best DMs I’ve ever received," he captioned the post. "Don’t forget to ask me any tanning questions over on @theisleofparadise stories (I do this every Tuesday and I’ve popped a sneaky question box up now so you can get them in early) - and yes, our Over It Tan Eraser is the nuts."

What a disaster, eh?

Naturally, the people of the internet found the entire thing hilarious. "What part of her body was she using the sock as a tanning mitt for because that leg is white," one Instagram user wrote, while another corroborated "O.m.g hilarious, had to read that twice."


A woman legs in a tanning bed with a blue hue. Credit: Getty

Well, that certainly did not go to plan, did it? Thankfully, there are now things called "tan erasers" which can help fix wayward mistakes.

I am certainly going to invest in one the next time I try fake-tanning at home...