This YouTuber tried to give herself henna freckles and it did not go well

This YouTuber tried to give herself henna freckles and it did not go well

These days, with all the ever-evolving beauty trends flying around on the internet, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion fad. One minute it's mermaid hair, the next it's those weird nails full of glitter and live insects. What's next? Nose hair dye? Edible fake eyelashes? Temporary face tattoos for a classy night out?

Nope, it's henna freckles.

Admittedly, the concept of henna freckles isn't as weird as some of the other trends - at least it seems vaguely natural. However, when one YouTuber attempted to demonstrate the look on herself, it didn't quite go as well as planned...

And this happened:

Naomi Jon fake freckles Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

Naomi Jon, a German YouTuber and beauty blogger, was inspired to try out the look by Instagrammer, @uglysxegirl, who posted a video of herself applying henna freckles back in May of this year.

In the original clip, @uglysxegirl explains her process: "I start with applying carrot oil on my face. I use GOLECHA henna cones in the shade red-brown. Then I apply it like shown in the video. Remove the henna when it’s fully dried. You can either remove it with warm water or just scrape it down."

She notes: "At the beginning the freckles are very subtle but it will turn darker as the day progresses and the redness will fade."

Credit: Instagram/@uglysxegirl

When Jon tried it out, though, it didn't go quite as smoothly. She used all the same products as the 'Grammer, and applied the freckles in exactly the same way - but, after covering the dots to her entire face, she tried to rub off the excess henna, and found that it made her face turn bright pink.

"I look like Chucky right now," she said.

But then she had a bright idea!

"This is a total disaster, but maybe I can save it if I put foundation on."

Unfortunately, that didn't really work either.

Naomi Jon fake freckles Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

Sure, it looked a little bit better, but the redness was still very much present underneath.

Naomi Jon fake freckles Credit: YouTube/Naomi Jon

Jon then tried to remove the freckles by applying olive oil to her face, but that didn't really do anything. Eventually, she conceded that she was going to be stuck with the not-quite-natural look for a little while, and told her followers that she regretted the decision.

"I actually want to cry right now, I'm going to cry after I finish this video," she said.

In the end, she managed to see the funny side of things, and uploaded the video with the description, "WELLLLLL, sometimes I make bad decisions. this was one of them."

Her fans weren't entirely sympathetic, either, with one person commenting: "im dying damn GAHAHAHHA."

Another did give her a tip for the future, though: "You used the the emergency one, the emergency one is pretty dark and stains faster, you should have used the light ones, they would have looked natural, i hope you get it removed fast somehow."

Let this be a lesson to all of us, then: if you're going to try out a new semi-permanent makeup technique, maybe practice on a patch of skin that nobody will see before smothering your face in it.