Toblerone have just released a delicious-looking Toblerone cake, and look at all the layers

Toblerone have just released a delicious-looking Toblerone cake, and look at all the layers

While I love travelling to different countries and continents, I'm not a particularly big fan of the actual... travelling part. Sure, going to Cuba or to Cairo is a life-changing, incredible experience, but in a perfect world I'd like to snap my fingers and teleport there, instead of having to trudge through an airport and get heavy petted by some poor guy who's having an even worse time than me.

Check-in, customs, waiting in line and sitting in crowded rooms are all parts of the travelling experience we all like to gloss over, but for me, there's one part which makes it just a little bit palatable: the duty-free section. Booze, perfume and all other purchasables bought without any kind of tax are great, but I always make a beeline for one thing.

Have you even lived, if you've never chewed away the time on a long flight with a giant Toblerone? The answer's no. And while you can probably get giant Toblerones at other places than airports, there's simply no beating the duty free deal. Well, that was until I found out you could get a Toblerone cake.

Toblerone cake Credit: Almondy

No, people - your eyes are not deceiving you. Toblerone, the Swiss chocolatier, have now made a cake for when you're looking to spice things up while you're waiting for your flight at JFK, LAX or Heathrow. Or when you're done with your dinner and you need something delicious to fill your second stomach.

But of course, such delicious could only be the result of a team effort, and on this occasion, it was a case of Swiss meeting Swedish, as Toblerone joined forces with Almondy to put together the Toblerone cake. So as we all know, Toblerone combines nougat and honey for their iconic triangular prism chocolates, but the Toblerone cake introduces almonds into the mix, going a bit nuts in the process.

Here's the Toblerone cake in its delectable flesh, brought to you by Markie Devo the snack blogger. Apparently, this particular cake was spotted in Brooklyn, New York and set him back around nine dollars. But don't you worry - Markie says that this Toblerone cake was worth every penny.

"This is Toblerone Chocolate cake from Sweden.The layers are thiccly intense!! 1st top layer has a light milk chocolate shell, followed by a layer of milk chocolate cream and chunks of thicc almond paste cake with more layers of Toblerone chocolate.

This is my 1st time having Toblerone(cray right)and I must say the cocoa on this taste so rich and delicious. The layers of almond paste has a marzipanish vibe to it..Freaking love marzipan!! This cake is life!! [sic]"

Well, folks - what are you waiting for? If you're nowhere near Brooklyn (and have no plans to go anytime soon), then do whatever it takes to get your hands on that Toblerone cake. Whatever. It takes.