Tomorrow is the most popular day to divorce somebody

Tomorrow is the most popular day to divorce somebody

Relationships come together and fall apart throughout the year, however, it turns out that some days are more notorious for saying, "I don't" than others.

According to researchers, tomorrow is the most popular day to divorce somebody.

Dubbed "divorce day", Monday, January 6 is when Google search and family lawyers find themselves inundated with requests for people looking to end a marital union.

Divorces are even harder when you're in the public eye. In the video below, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher react to their 'divorce':

"It's the day where couples who were tolerating each other during the intense holiday season decide that they want to start the new year afresh," breakup coach Cherlyn Chong told Insider, "resulting in a surge of divorce inquiries to Google search and divorce lawyers alike."

An unhappy couple. Credit: Pexels

While such a sudden surge in breakups is shocking, on the surface, Chong said that it actually makes a lot of sense.

"Sometimes, they are doing it so that the children will have one last holiday season together," she said. "Other times, one spouse feels guilty about ending the relationship over the festivities."

Inevitably, the person who wants to end the relationship still has strong feelings for their partner, so one last holiday season together can be "almost a homage to the number of years they've spent together."

A broken heart. Credit: Pexels

Divorce is never easy, regardless of cause, but Chong stressed that there is no shame in leaving a relationship that isn't making you happy anymore.

"It just means that you're giving yourself the chance to be happier, and you shouldn't fault yourself for that," Chong said.

However, it's not all doom and gloom for relationships. Today, January 5, is actually the best day of the year to hop on a dating app and find that special someone. So if you're thinking about a divorce, you might want to pre-emptively download Tinder...