Trader Joe's is selling bottled Bellinis for $6

Trader Joe's is selling bottled Bellinis for $6

Now that the summer sun is well on its way, with temperatures looking to soar and sunny days to become even more frequent - it's time to change up what we're drinking. So what's your summer drink going to be this year?

One choice could be the Secco Peach Bubbly from Trader Joe's. They've been around for a little while now, but have recently got even more popular due to their cheap price. The bottled bellinis originate from a family-owned winery in Germany, and will only set you back $6.

trader joe's peach secco bellinis Credit: Trader Joe's

@xfwipsx posted a shot of the bottles on Twitter, and they were available for $5, so you might get an even better deal somewhere else.

On top of this, they're just eight percent alcohol - so those with a low tolerance don't need to worry about them having an especially high alcohol level.

"Ok so this Secco peach Bellini from trader joes is [fire emoji]," one user wrote. "That $6 bottle of bellini from Trader Joes is everything," another added.

Trader Joe's apparently recommend pairing these drinks up with TJ's Grand Blue Blue Cheese for those summer days, but frankly, they could go with anything.