Airport guard fired for slipping note to random traveler saying 'You ugly'

Airport guard fired for slipping note to random traveler saying 'You ugly'

As the old Bowling For Soup song says, high school never ends.

Per the New York Post, an airport guard has been fired after what can only be described as a juvenile, unprofessional, and downright mean act against a random passenger.

As passenger Neal Strassner, 40, was passing through security at Rochester International Airport, a female worker handed him a folded-up piece of brown paper. After she instructed him to open the note, he discovered it read, "You ugly!!!".

Check out the damning security footage below and just look at her laugh audaciously at Strassner: 

The incident occurred back in June, just before Strassner made his way to collect his possessions at the checkpoint.

Speaking to The Post, Strassner said that he initially thought the note was a piece of scrap cardboard or some trash: "I didn’t open it because I didn’t care about it. She turned around a few times asking, ‘Are you going to open that?’"

After reading the note, Strassner calmly puts it in his pocket and got on his plane to Kansas, as the guard can be seen doubling over with laughter. She can then be seen tearing off another piece of cardboard from a box of latex gloves above the bag scanner and begins writing once again.

"I travel constantly and I’ve never had anything like this happen,” Strassner said, "I don’t like throwing negativity around. What about a note that says, 'Hey, next time bring me tacos'?"

Strassner would later obtain the security footage and upload it to YouTube, along with the caption:

"As I was recently traveling through Rochester NY airport, a security guard passed me a random insulting note. This video was obtained by a freedom of information request I did.

"It shows the woman in the lower left passing notes and creating more from pieces of the glove box at the end of the video. Around 40 seconds in the video she appears to reach off-screen and get a note from somewhere who knows if she created this one or someone else off-screen.

"After that, she hands me the note, I walk off toward my gate not really caring but she then calls to me as I'm leaving and yells, 'You gonna open the note?' So I do, and she bursts out laughing as you can see in the video. That's when I was opening and looking at the note. At the end of the video there is a picture of the note she gave me. It said "YOU UGLY!!!".

"On the return trip back to Rochester, NY, her supervisors were notified.

"I have found out this is not actual TSA but a security company the Rochester NY airport uses in place of actual TSA. [sic]"

Strassner revealed how he decided not to take action, that was until he shared the note and story with his friends, and they became concerned that the guard could pick on a more vulnerable person who would struggle to shake off the cruel act. He said:

"If you were bullied, that could be a big deal to somebody. A smile could bring someone up from the ground and that note could drag them back down."

At first, security supervisors at the airport believed Strassner's story to be a joke, but after seeing the note and reviewing the CCTV footage, they took immediate action. The woman - an employee of Virginia-based security company VMD Corp. - was under contract with the TSA, but has since been fired for her behavior, the agency has confirmed.

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A statement from the TSA reads: "TSA holds contractors to the highest ethical standards and has zero tolerance for this type of behavior."

Strassner said he is still trying to make sense of his unpleasant experience: "I really have no idea what she was trying to do."

In addition, he also revealed that he was contacted by one of the woman's colleagues, who was also in disbelief at her actions: "One of the guys from VMD Corp. called me and he started apologizing and said, 'I have no words.' Once he received the tapes, he couldn’t believe it either."

VMD Corp. did not respond to a request for comment.