Couples can have a fairytale wedding at this Italian castle for just $114

Couples can have a fairytale wedding at this Italian castle for just $114

Whether you've gone through the ordeal yourself or heard it from a friend, you'll know that weddings can be expensive.

Venues charge extortionate amounts of cash for each and every service, deals are made with catering services to ensure no one gets anything on the cheap... and that's if you're just hoping to have a simple reception. If you want to go somewhere a little more special, and maybe even go to another country to tie the knot, you could be spending even more.

Or, you could try and book your wedding at this small Italian village, where you'll have an entire castle for just over a hundred bucks.

The village of Roccascalegna, in the southern region of Abruzzo, has recently renovated its central castle and made it available for special events. According to CNN, the Castello di Roccascalegna is allowing the public to book the castle for an event for as little as €100 (approximately $114 USD).

The castle, which was built in the 16th century and covers over 7,500 square feet, contains a chapel and tower that can be used for weddings and parties. As well as this, there are dungeons and a variety of other rooms available for visitors to look into, in an attempt made by the local government to bring more tourism into the area.

There are a few downsides to the location that potential guests should know first. According to CNN, there are no roads leading to the castle - so any guests will have to walk up old donkey trails to get there. Domenico Giangiordano, the village mayor, said that he'd be happy to help with access in any way he can - and said that local caterers can provide food.

"It's a real low fee, practically a tip," Giangiordano told CNN. "Our goal isn't to raise cash but to use this unique setting to revamp the local economy by luring an elite clientele who loves tiny, offbeat spots."

The town does offer other things, despite its small size. As well as some bars and B&Bs, Abruzzo is known for having a famed culinary history, beautiful lakes and hiking trails and world-class wine. On top of that, some of the old stone cottages have been given a makeover, with some going for €20,000 ($22,000).

If you're interested in renting the castle for a night, you can contact the castle's management on its website.