London has been named the best city in the world

London has been named the best city in the world

Perhaps I'm a little biased as a Londoner, but I have always maintained that my city is the best one in the world. Sure, the beer is expensive, the weather is awful, and any amount of time spent on the central line feels like a decade in the hottest circle of hell, but I love it.

And today, I'm feeling a little more smug than usual, as TripAdvisor agrees with me.

After coming in second place last year to Paris (which, for the record, is similar to London only with fewer pigeons and more cheese), the plucky English capital soared to the top spot for 2019's list.

london Credit: Pexels

The rankings are based on the last 12 months of user ratings and reviews, which (apparently) prove that visitors to the city aren't all that bothered by the terrible rush hour traffic or overpriced restaurants; in fact, people seem very happy to overlook those things for the more appealing stuff that London has to offer - namely, the royal family.

"The global fascination with Harry and Meghan clearly has a powerful effect as this is the first time since 2016 that London has topped the world rankings," said Hayley Coleman, spokesperson for TripAdvisor. "With the couple’s new royal baby due imminently, London may continue to reap the rewards of the Harry and Meghan effect into 2020."

So great is the appeal of the duke and duchess of Sussex that bookings for a tour of Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard jumped 231 per cent in the last year.

But there are other things on offer for those who aren't super keen on the royals, of course.

london at dusk Credit: Pexels

"London has an exciting history as a centre for creativity and free thinking, from Shakespeare to the birth of punk and the catwalks of today," explained Laura Citron, CEO of tourist board Visit London. "This creative energy and cultural vibrancy can be felt in every aspect of London life: food, fashion, arts, exhibitions, shops, and nightlife."

Seriously, this city has everything: museums, bars, street performers, an Olympic park - what more could you want?

So, if you're a Londoner, stop moaning - you literally live in the best city in the world. And, if you're not, come and visit! Just don't expect to see many friendly smiles in the street. Oh, and avoid the central line at all costs.