Mom celebrates sons' first day back at school with a solo trip to Disney World

Mom celebrates sons' first day back at school with a solo trip to Disney World

After dropping off her children at school for their first day back from summer vacation, one mom did something which I can only assume made her the envy of all her fellow parents and kids: She took herself off to Disney World for a fantastic solo adventure.

Yep, without a single kid in tow, Lisa DiNoto decided to celebrate her sons' first day back at school with a solo trip to the world-famous entertainment park.

The family, who are Disney World regulars, live just "1.2 miles as the crow flies" from Cinderella Castle, and Lisa has been to the extensive entertainment complex with her husband and her sons on numerous occasions.

Being entirely on her own at a venue as family-oriented as Disney World was in no way a regrettable move on Lisa's part, and, in fact, she proudly wore a huge badge telling everyone exactly why she was there - to celebrate the first day of school!

The doting mom even took to her blog, The Castle Run, to talk about her solo trip to Disney World.

Take a look at Disney's new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge land:

"This, my friends. This is what you do after you drop your kids off on the first day of school," Lisa writes. "You get yourself a pin and you walk it around Magic Kingdom like some garden gnome on a world adventure."

She continues: "First you hit Main Street, U.S.A. People are going to start stopping you and telling you that you are life goals. They will often be saddled with strollers and lots of tired children. Be gracious. Comfort them. Wish them a magical day…. and try not to skip away."

Out of all the beloved Disney characters Lisa met along the way, the Fairy Godmother had the most memorable reaction.

"She was cry laughing with me and threw her arms around me while I cried, 'THIS IS WHY I MOVED HERRRRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!!!'" she recalled.

Making sure to take plenty of pictures with as many other Disney characters as she could, Lisa had an absolute blast during her daylong, child-free adventure.

Don't feel too sorry for the kids though. Not only did Lisa very much deserve to spend a whole day to herself while enjoying all that the phenomenal resort has to offer, but her sons have actually been there plenty of times before.