Plane passenger shamed for building a hammock so she can sleep

Plane passenger shamed for building a hammock so she can sleep

It can be pretty difficult to make yourself comfortable on a flight. And that's particularly the case if you want to get in a little bit of shut-eye before you land, but aren't the sort of person who can fall asleep just about anywhere. I mean, you can't exactly lie down in your seat - and not to mention the limited amount of space there is for your legs.

That's why one particular female passenger - who remains unidentified - decided to build herself a hammock to rest her legs on while she slept.

A picture of the passenger was posted on the Passenger Shaming Facebook and Instagram groups in May, showing her makeshift hammock hanging in front of the place door.

Naturally, people had plenty to say about the woman's method of sleeping on a plane. One commenter said: "That does NOT look comfortable", with another agreeing that it "looks uncomfortable".

Other social media users drew attention to the fact that the woman's feet were blocking the emergency doors.

"In front of the exit row door," one user wrote. "Endangering hundreds of lives. Genius indeed."

"Where’s the crew?" asked another "That’s the emergency exit handle… not a clothes hanger!"

Horrifying plane etiquette alert: watch this passenger use his bare feet to control a plane's touch-screen TV in front of him:

But considering this is the internet, with conflicting opinions being shared on a daily basis, not everyone hated the woman's hammock idea.

"That’s pretty ingenious, actually!" one person said, while another agreed saying: "Brilliant! That’s thinking outside of the box."

"If it wasn’t so rude, intrusive, and dangerous, it’s actually a smart idea," added a third.

I personally agree with the latter -

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