Quick-thinking nanny saves sleeping baby seconds before the entire ceiling collapses

Quick-thinking nanny saves sleeping baby seconds before the entire ceiling collapses

Babies are generally considered the most vulnerable people in society. Not only do they have almost no understanding of what does and does not constitute a danger, but even if they did find themselves in trouble, they're powerless to remove themselves from it. It is, therefore, no surprise that the leading cause of death in those aged between one and 19 is injury, Stanford Children's Health reports.

This means that children have to be under close observation, and even then, accidents can and do happen - unless you're quick-thinking. Case in point, this baby that was almost crushed in their sleep.

This is the moment the child was saved by their nanny just seconds before the ceiling collapsed:

The footage, which is speculated to have been recorded in the Philippines during a recent 4.5 magnitude earthquake, was posted to Reddit two days ago.

Other Reddit users, however, speculated that the footage was recorded in the Middle East because of "the red 'qitra' or headdress folded on the table".

A collapsed ceiling. Credit: Reddit / @to_the_tenth_power

Because of this, when the near miss went viral across various social media channels, people began to speculate about what exactly had gone wrong.

"Not gut instinct. Probably an earthquake," one wrote viewer.

"She clearly heard something weird and scary bc she kept looking up at the ceiling," added a second.

Whereas a third remarked, "With all that beautiful house and a maid, they have a cheaply done ceiling, unless it's an earthquake. Nice save."

While the exact cause of the collapse remains unknown, a post on Eastern Social media stated that it was the result of a water leak, as translated by an English radio website.