Real-life enchanted forest is all carpeted with bluebell flowers

Real-life enchanted forest is all carpeted with bluebell flowers

Wouldn't it be an amazing experience to visit a real-life enchanted forest? An enchanted glade where a visitor could feel a sense of genuine wonder over nature? You might think that magical forests are only to be found in fairy tales or the works of J.R.R Tolkien, but did you know that there's a wood out there that really does look magical? It's true!

The fairytale-like is called Hallerbos (or Halle Forest in Dutch), and it’s located in Belgium. What makes it so special you ask? Well, most forests have a palette of greens and browns, but this one is mostly bright blue!

Recently a bride made the unusual decision to carry a bouquet of donuts with her instead of flowers:

The reason for the strange appearance of Hallerbo is due to a thick carpet of blue flowers, called Bluebells, springing out of the ground. These colorful plants bloom in the spring and in the early summer months, making the whole wood look sumptuous and eye-catching.

The beautiful flowerbeds attract visitors and photographers from all over the world to Hallerbos and to other forests like it in droves, so scroll down to take a look at some amazing pics:

The sense bloom of bluebells on the floor means that this forest has been a wooded area for at least 400-500 years. But does this mean that it is actually a magical place? Well, that's a little bit more difficult to prove. But does it make you feel magical? Well, to be honest, that's undeniable.

Marveling at the beauty of nature is indeed the best way to get in touch with the enchantment of life, so in that sense at least, this forest has a magic power all of its own...