There is a new cheapest day to book your plane tickets

There is a new cheapest day to book your plane tickets

For a long time, Tuesday was considered to be the best day to book flights. This is because the majority of holiday-goers tend to purchase their plane tickets at the weekend, and prices drop back down to their lowest point by the time Tuesday rolls around.

However, as discovered in a recent study conducted by Expedia, it turns out that some changes have gone down over the past few years thanks to more people booking flights for business during the week - so now there's a new cheapest day to book: Sunday.

You might not think it makes a huge difference by booking on a different day, but it could actually mean you save a few hundred pounds just by thinking strategically about your travels. In fact, there are a number of ways you can "cheat" the system in order to get the cheapest vacation possible, and they all depend on being smart when planning ahead...

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One of the most important things to remember when booking a holiday online is to make sure that your browser is in incognito or "private" mode. This prevents any sites you visit from using tracking cookies and getting saved in your search history, which helps to keep flight prices low as travel sites will normally increase flight prices each time you visit in order to encourage you to book sooner rather than later.

After that, it also helps to book a while in advance. Expedia have found that booking at least 21 days before you intend to travel will give you the best price - and, of course, you should do that on a Sunday if possible.

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It also helps if you have some flexibility when it comes to making plans. Statistically, the cheapest day to fly out is a Friday - but don't count on that having the lowest price when you're making arrangements.

Many sites will actually allow you to find travel dates 3 days either side of your intended plans, and some will even sort flights by the cheapest month. If you can, try to book at least a few months before travelling - that way you'll be able to be more selective with your dates and work around the cheapest options.

What's more, you should always take into account the total cost of a flight before booking. Some companies include meals, baggage, and seating options in their ticket price, whereas others just guarantee you some space on board.

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In general, though, the cost of travelling abroad is becoming cheaper.

As more companies offer flights, the competition to give customers the best price is at an all-time high, and prices will likely only drop further as time goes on.

So, if you've got a destination in mind for your vacation next year (or even if you haven't), it might be worth checking out some flights this Sunday to get a ballpark estimate for what your trip might cost you. And remember: always get travel insurance! After all, there's no point bagging the cheapest flight only to lose all your money if it gets cancelled.