This is what a McDonald's Breakfast looks like all over the world

This is what a McDonald's Breakfast looks like all over the world

If my Instagram feed is anything to go by, then a lot of you out there really love to travel and see the world. Nominally, there's nothing wrong with that; it's a chance to see how other cultures live and try some delicious foreign food but I find that after a while, I just want to see a familiar sight. That's why I usually head to McDonald's when I'm on holiday.

But step underneath the Golden Arches on foreign soil, and you'll see some weird and wonderful sights you may never have seen before. That goes double if you happen to be up at the crack of dawn, and if you check out the McDonald's Breakfast menu. There, you'll see some quite strange foods.

1. Malaysia - Chicken porridge

Forget the name - this is more like a soup than it is a porridge, so don't get queasy just yet. Delicious, with a little bit of pepper.

2. Spain - The Spanish omelette sandwich

If you've never had a Spanish omelette, you have not yet fully lived - but the Spanish omelette sandwich available at a McDonald's down in Madrid is a pretty good second choice.

3. Poland - Kaiser roll breakfast sandwiches

Usually, your average breakfast offering at McDonald's is pretty standard fare, but one thing you can usually count on is that they're lightweight and quick to consume. Except when you go to Poland, apparently. I don't know about you, but with a hash brown and some coffee to wash it all down, I'm going to need a late lunch after the Kaiser roll breakfast sandwich. Just look at it!

4. UAE - The Halloumi Muffin

Having spent some time in the Middle East and having been awake at the crack of dawn, I can say with absolute certainty that choosing the Halloumi Muffin is always the right decision.

5. Singapore - McGriddle

Two hotcakes, sausage patty, with some egg and cheese. McDonald's Breakfast, the Singaporean way. What's not to like?

6. Finland - Raspberry oatmeal

Let's go back to basics a little bit. We've had all kinds of bizarre burger abominations, but what if you're in the Nordic regions and you're looking for something a little... lighter? Try the raspberry oatmeal at McDonald's Finland.

7. Puerto Rico - McCriollo

Those guys from south of the American border really know how to do their food. Mexico, Argentina and Cuba all have their merits, but in Puerto Rico, the McDonald's Breakfast menu includes the McCriollo: a breakfast sandwich in Puerto Rican bread, loaded with eggs, cheese and your choice between ham, sausage, or bacon. Emphasis on 'choice'. They won't let you try all three at once, sadly.

8. South Africa - Big Breakfast

Now this is what I'm talkin' about! When you take a trip to Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg, you're going to want to try out the local delicacies. Do that, but make sure that by the time you make your way home, you've gorged yourself on the Big Breakfast. Clearly, it needs no introduction.

9. Indonesia - Nasi Uduk

Fried rice at breakfast?! You may raise an eyebrow at Indonesia's Nasi Uduk, but I promise it's a really good way to start your day. Fried rice, needless to say, is delicious, but I've definitely never had it with fried chicken and egg. One thing's for sure: once you have this for breakfast, you're going to be full for a little while.

10. Spain - Tostadas con tomate

Back to Spain now, and if you're looking for something a little lighter than our friend the Spanish omelette sandwich up there (or if you're looking for even more bang for your buck), I suggest los tostadas con tomate. It's just toast with a tomato and olive oil mixture, but that tangy taste really hits the spot.

11. Australia - The Big Brekkie Burger

If you were ever to take a trip Down Under (and despite all the dangerous animals, I recommend it), even if you had the worst time of your life, it would all be worth it for the Big Brekkie Burger. A beef patty, with bacon, eggs, hash brown, cheese and barbecue sauce?! Excuse me while I petition McDonald's to add this to the regular menu as well. I would literally eat nothing else.

At this point, I'd like to sign off with some witty comment about food or whatnot, but to be honest I'm just thinking about that Big Brekkie Burger. It looks so good. I'm going to book my ticket to Australia right now.