Video of passenger picking dead skin off feet on plane goes viral

Video of passenger picking dead skin off feet on plane goes viral

Travelling is a stressful business, I think we can all agree on that.

Speaking as a perennially disorganised mess of a person, I can attest that packing, arranging travel and actually showing up on time to achieve all of the above is almost always beyond me. I regularly end up sprinting for public transport, suitcase flailing dangerously behind me, jacket askew and brow furrowed in concentration.

Watch this passenger bizarrely controlling a plane TV screen with their feet:

I would be remiss were I not to point out that flying on a plane, in and of itself, is not a natural thing to be doing. You've got the endlessly recycled air, the whirring of the engine and the notion that you're 30,000 feet above the ground in a tube to contend with.

Credit: Pexels

And then, after all of that, you've got to cope with hours on end sat next to a total stranger who, for some reason, has decided to treat the plane like their own bedroom. I don't know why, but the normal rules of etiquette for behaviour in a public place don't seem to apply to airplanes, and therefore people happily sling their shoes off, take up far more room than is reasonably necessary and demanding endless drinks and snacks from snowed under flight attendants.

Passenger etiquette has become something of a hot topic in recent times, and now the latest case of the internet being horrified with a plane passenger has emerged, after a video captured an individual appearing to pick skin off the bottom of their foot. Have a look for yourself, but maybe give it a wide birth if you're easily grossed out:

“Happy #FlyingFeetFriday, ya’ll!! All kinds of nope happening up in hurrrr...” wrote Passenger Shaming in the accompanying caption to the video.

And commenters were predictably horrified by the turn of events.

Per Fox News, one wrote, "This is why I sit in first class!” while another added, “And my husband wonders why I wash my hands all the time...”

So yes, travelling is a stressful business. But every time you think you've seen it all, something new pops up to change your frame of reference all over again.