Women slammed on social media for 'disgusting' acts on plane

Women slammed on social media for 'disgusting' acts on plane

For people with a serious phobia, flying on a plane can be a terrifying experience: every jolt of turbulence sending them into paroxysms of panic over an imaginary crash.  But even worse is the prospect of having to share a plane cabin with several complete strangers for several hours; some of whom might well have some pretty stomach-turning personal habits.

Maybe you'll be sat next to a flatulent teenager, or a screaming baby, or someone who thinks that he's capable of picking his nose surreptitiously. But the worst of all are those people who seem to think that it's perfectly fine to have their sweaty bare feet out on display.

Recently, another passenger was filmed controlling her on-flight TV with her bare feet: 

Recently, an Instagram page called 'Passenger Shaming' has become pretty popular among social media users by sharing pictures of some of these unhygienic and impolite transgressions. Indeed, it seems as though bare feet in public is the most common faux pas, and the latest example truly is a doozy.

The unusual pictures show two women sitting in the narrow aisles of an economy cabin in a commercial plane, stretching their legs by propping them on the seats in front and sticking them up into the air.

As you can see from the comments below, the vast majority of Instagram users did not take kindly to their lack of manners and didn't mince words in talking about retaliating either:

An Instagram comment. Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram

However, this isn't the first time we've written about terrible plane etiquette. Far from it in fact. Check out this piece we penned all about the guy who was thrown off a plane for yelling "coronavirus" as part of a prank.