You and your partner can now stay in a treehouse in Bali for just $87

You and your partner can now stay in a treehouse in Bali for just $87

If you're planning a vacation in the near future, the last thing you want to do is to book somewhere generic and forgettable. Seriously, if you've spent your hard-earned cash trying to get away for a few weeks on a trip somewhere sunkissed and exotic, then you definitely don't want to be languishing in a crummy hotel.

Take a look at this travel guide to beautiful Bali in the video below: 

So if you're thinking of jetting off to warmer climes and white sandy beaches, then I have the perfect idea for you. Instead of staying in a hotel, why not shoot over to AirBnB and consider staying in a beautiful Balinese treehouse instead?

I'm not joking; I'm dead serious. Per Insider, one of the most wished-for Airbnb listings of the last decade is a luxurious treehouse in Balian Beach, in Bali in Indonesia.

But if you're shaking your head at the prospect and thinking of the kind of treehouse that the kids used in Stand By Me, then don't worry about it! This treehouse is a five-star experience, Wi-Fi, a pool, an expansive garden, and a rain shower for a more natural bathing experience.

According to the property's official AirBnB listing: "The Balian treehouse is only a [three]-minute walk away from the beach. From the veranda, you can watch the sunrise in the morning, and enjoy the view of our beautiful garden (900m2) with pool."

There's also a king-size bed, and a balcony offering you stunning views of the South-East Asian landscape. The best part, all this can be yours for the comparatively low price of just $87.

So if you're interested in this novel experience, and want to be a little closer to nature, then why not shoot over to Airbnb and book your slot here while you still can?