Valentine's Day trees are an actual thing

Valentine's Day trees are an actual thing

If you've yet to pack up your Christmas tree because you can't admit the holiday season is over, then you're in luck. Valentine's Day trees are an actual thing.

The trend originated on Instagram, which is currently awash with pictures of gloriously pink and red and lovey-dovey trees - many of which presumably started their lives as something festive.

Make Bailey's Valentine's Day macaroons to complete your lovenest this February: 

Needless to say, on Valentine's Day trees, ornaments relating to the likes of Santa Clause and snowmen have been replaced by hearts and romantic phrases. While some have still opted for tinsel, the only acceptable colors are red, white and varying shades of pink.

Jennifer, a mom-of-five and runner of the Instagram account Turtle Creek Lane, said that she simply updates the decorations on her Christmas tree to make it suitable for Valentine's.

As per the Sun, she explained: "I simply removed the Christmas ball - ornaments and replaced them with conversation hearts I picked up at The 99 Store and More! I then replaced the Christmas elves with Valentine's fairies."

As the picture above demonstrates, some people do more than just decorate their Valentine's tree. They theme entire rooms with hearts and romantic paraphernalia.

Needless to say, just like their Christmas counterparts, the majority of Valentine's Day trees have gifts underneath them. It's the perfect way to build up excitement before yet another big day.

The Instagram user below revealed that in addition to having Christmas and Valentine's Day trees, she also makes one for St. Patrick's Day too.

Meanwhile, in other Valentine's Day-related news, you can now get a donut bouquet delivered this February 14, or if your sweet tooth is a little bit more on the boozy side, you could opt for these rosé flavored jelly beans instead.