Vegan woman posts to Facebook after café serves her oat milk in a very bizarre jug

Vegan woman posts to Facebook after café serves her oat milk in a very bizarre jug

Here in the food world, we're pretty tolerant of most foods and food lovers. If you're into fast food, crash diets or a meal plan comprised almost entirely of bugs, we don't mind; as long as you're eating food and you're not bothering anyone, it's cool. For the most part. As long as you're not talking about one dietary requirement in particular.

Vegans. Plant-based diets. Whether that be for dietary, ethical or even environmental reasons, there's a growing number of vegans all over the world, and you can go to plenty of establishments which offer vegan alternatives. Which is great. But on the whole, vegans have a bit of a PR task on their hands because they've got a reputation for being somewhat... sanctimonious.

Picture a vegan, and you don't picture someone chowing down on some quinoa or enjoying a soy latte; you picture a really angry hippie getting upset at a burger restaurant, or throwing blood over someone in a fur coat. They're stereotyped as... passionate, so to speak.

That being said, it's a public perception the vegan community is trying to change. So when a vegan woman ordered an oat milk at a café and got a jug modelled after cow udders, the debate really could go either way.

Jane Thurnell-Read was out in Topsham, England, when she decided to order an oat milk, as one is entirely in their own right to do. But then, she posted to Facebook about the jug of milk she ended up being served. "Having coffee with a friend, my oat milk came in this jug! Waitress oblivious!" she said, and here's what she saw.

I mean, if you're looking forward to some oat milk, you really don't want the mental image of a cow's udders as you're trying to relax. Heck, I really don't like thinking about it when I'm drinking regular milk. But is it really something you should post to Facebook about? Jane's vegans friends seemed to disagree, and they let her know in a comment storm.

A ton of Jane's friends weren't exactly enthused about her posting about the udders, to say the least. "Chill it’s just a jug at least they had oat milk!" said one, while another alluded to the public perception of vegans online: "Kicking off about sh*t like this is why people hate us." A former waitress shed some further light on the post.

"The waitress probably has better things to worry about than whether your milk jug looks like boobs, like waiting all the tables…the kitchen hurrying her…getting everyone’s drinks…working 11 hour shifts…having to deal with complaints and never getting a tip. I am a celiac and vegan….have been waitressing for 10 years or so and never known anyone to be a d*ck."

For her part in all of this, Jane did admit that she wasn't complaining when she made the post - just "amused".

"I don’t think they were taking the piss (do people really have the time to specially buy a milk jug to upset vegans?) I think it was done unthinkingly. No cows were harmed in the production of the jug and maybe it will make someone who gets their cow’s milk in it think about the origins of it."

Food for thought, I suppose.