Dairy farmers fear backlash after vegan activists leak locations of over 9,000 farms

Dairy farmers fear backlash after vegan activists leak locations of over 9,000 farms

A vegan activist group has published the location and contact information of over 9,000 dairy farms located around the United Kingdom, and urged other people to contact these farms.

Project Calf is an animal rights group focused on the farming industry, whose mission is to "direct action exposing the atrocities of the dairy industry through citizen journalism, peaceful protesting and outreach", and they encourage others to "document, protest and expose" these farms.

Project Calf Credit: Project Calf

The Project Calf website claims that as many as 24 male calves are killed in the British dairy industry every hour, and have branded dairy farming a "dirty business". Taking data from the Food Standards Agency list of registered dairy farms from a survey conducted back in June of 2018, Project Calf want dairy farms to be easily accessible and - they hope - accountable for their actions.

"There are lots of options when it comes to choosing which equipment you want to use- hidden cameras, camcorders, regular cameras or even a drone. Or just use your phone. All footage will have an enormous and vital impact when documenting the horrific reality behind dairy. Our aim is to expose dairy farming practices, gather evidence and present it to the public."

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Not only this, but Project Calf asks other activists to take action against dairy farmers around the country, canvassing people to record conditions at the farm and post them online or otherwise share their findings with the public, whether that be by social media or by way of protest or social demonstration.

You may wish to tailor your project around gathering footage to share on your social media accounts or website to raise awareness of the plight of the cows being kept there."

Dairy farmers who may become involved in the practices are extremely upset to learn of the developments.  Sally Reedman, who owns one of the 9,338 farms now posted online by Project Calf, called their allegations "absolutely disgusting", but plans to give any visitors a tour so they can get an education.

"It’s absolutely disgusting, the website is full of incorrect facts too. Our oldest cow is 18! We are on the map and b****y locals in the village are sharing the Facebook page and the website into local spotted and selling sites. Cheers for that, make us a target. We’ve decided if any come round they can have a welcomed guided tour. Nothing to hide. We don’t kill bull calves or sell them to market."

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"Locate a dairy farm using our maps. Using public footpaths, obtain the footage of the cows and separation pens. Talk to the farmers about dairy practices. Let the farmers know their dirty business is everyone’s business!" urges the Project Calf website, who advice their activists not to co-operate with police, and to see themselves as champions of "citizen journalism, peaceful protesting and outreach".

The project is modelled after a similar one that took place in Australia, as the group posted the locations of 6,000 farms around Australia.