Wedding planner fires back over 'disaster of a wedding' after bride furiously complained online

Wedding planner fires back over 'disaster of a wedding' after bride furiously complained online

Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days of people's lives. They take years of planning, require thousands of pounds of investment, and the memories made from that one special day are meant to last a lifetime.

So, when something goes wrong, it's not surprising to see a bride or groom complain about it.

This is what happened recently in a Facebook interaction between a recent bride - let's call her Mrs. Rage, for reasons that will soon become apparent - and an events planning company simply called "LB Events and Promotions".

Here's the post with the initial complaint:

bridezilla complains Credit: Imgur

At first, Mrs. Rage's comments appear to be worthy of some sympathy. After all, who amongst us would want to be rushed into formalities on a day that's supposed to be about celebration?

However, all is not quite as it seems.

In a reply to Mrs. Rage, LB Events and Promotions made it clear to her (and everybody else watching the conversation, no doubt with popcorn in hand) exactly why she had to be rushed - and also made sure to point out all the other terrible things she'd done on her big day.

"Thank you so much for showing your true colors for everyone to see," the events page replied. "We were going to let your disaster of a wedding slide but since you decided to initiate a negative comment, we were certainly willing to reply."

LB Events and Promotions then went on to say that they have overseen hundreds of events, worked with almost as many hundreds of brides, and have held down a successful business for more than a decade.

"Until your wedding rolled onto our calendar, we never had to deal with such an incompetent, discourteous, and evasive bride/groom/client etc."

The company then went on to slam the newlyweds for not properly paying them - nor any of the other vendors from the day.

wedding night virginity waiting until marrige losing virginity virgin Credit: Pixabay

"We spent several days instructing you where or how to pay us as if you'd never experienced a monetary transaction in your youthful, immature existence, which you contractually agreed to, in writing, and lied to us on multiple occasions as to when and how payment was coming through."

And this is where we start to get onto the whole bouquet toss issue.

"Secondly, let me lay out your ludicrous timeline for all to understand what we were dealing with," LB said.

"You were adamant about having only a 2 hour reception and [redacted] made it clear that if you book us from 4-6, we will start playing music for your guests at 4:00 and that your reception would end at 6:00."

Needless to say, this did not happen.

wedding bouqet Credit: Pixabay

Mrs. Rage's guests apparently turned up an hour early, but the bride and groom didn't show their faces until 5.17 pm.

"That left you with 43 minutes for first dances, dinner, 5 speeches from bridesmaids and cake cutting and sparklers during daylight."

Basically, Mrs. Rage was super late to her own reception, and that's why she was prompted to toss the bouquet.

But LB didn't leave it there.

"Maybe at your next event, when you only have 30 guests attend again as you did on that Friday afternoon, you will just avoid renting a large venue, professional dj service, wedding director, caterer, photographer, etc... and play some music on a boom box at the church fellowship hall."

Ouch, LB! Did you really have to take a dig at her like that? Well, I guess she did start it - but there's no way she could have come back to finish it after that zinger.

We're guessing Mrs. Rage might think twice before complaining on Facebook next time (and, for all we know, her spouse is probably already having second thoughts about the marriage).