Woman complained that her 'Cards Against Humanity' pack didn't include glitter and things escalated real quick

Woman complained that her 'Cards Against Humanity' pack didn't include glitter and things escalated real quick

Brands and companies often don't get it right when it comes to their marketing, especially in the age of social media. There are plenty of ads that are called out for being offensive, generally terrible, or are so obviously commercial that we can turn off to them completely. However, things seemed to have changed in the last few years.

Utilising Twitter and the way content can go 'viral' online, many of these companies can win over plenty of fans just by hiring someone on their social media comms that is hip and down with the kids, so to speak.

Wendy's, for example, is amazing at this - even going as far as roasting other restaurant chains:

If a restaurant chain is good at interacting with its fans, you can bet that 'Cards Against Humanity' would be. Even the packaging of the "party game for horrible people" is funny, and you can bet that it extends to their customer service.

In June this year, Cards Against Humanity released a special 'Pride Pack' in celebration of pride month, giving buyers the option of adding glitter to their order. For anyone who goes to pride celebration, you've probably got more than enough glitter - and that stuff sticks around forever - but for whatever reason, some can't get enough of the colourful stuff. In fact, the packs were so popular that the company ended up running out of glitter before fulfilling all their orders.

This left Kait Johnson, glitter enthusiast, without what she so desperately wanted - so she decided to contact the company and see if they could send her some in a lighthearted email. She wrote:

"Hello I just ordered five of your extension packs including the pride pack. I have a silly question, I really wanted glitter with my pride pack but it was unavailable; is there any way you could send me just a s**t ton of glitter? It would actually really make me happy."

She soon got an ominous response, telling her to "Be careful what you wish for," and to "Check your mailbox in about a week".

A few days later, an envelope arrived in the mail with some glitter inside. There was also a sweet card, in which someone had handwritten, "Sorry we f*cked up! Love you."

Some time later, an even bigger envelope arrived, this time with even more glitter.

Kait, not knowing when to call it a day, responded by asking "Is that all you got (I am actually really happy you guys even responded)" - and they wrote back: "Sorry to have underwhelmed you. Thanks for the excuse to take this too far. Please continue to keep an eye on your mailbox."

Not ending there, the company sent over a box with - you guessed - even more. In fact, there were five pounds of glitter inside.

This is when Kait decided to surrender and admit defeat, writing:

"I haven't seen the floor in days. Every time I think I've finally gotten rid of it all, a tiny more appears. Then a tiny more and more. I've succumbed to eating a small bowl of glitter with milk in the hopes that I can just be rid of it all. Update it hasn't worked."

"We tried to play it cool," their final reply came. "You did this to yourself".

Now, Kait has all the glitter she could ever have dreamed of - but I'm betting that stuff is embedded in every corner of her home.

Best be careful what you wish for, huh?