Woman launches foul-mouthed tirade after fiancé buys her a vegan KFC burger

Woman launches foul-mouthed tirade after fiancé buys her a vegan KFC burger

A UK-based prankster filmed his girlfriend's foul-mouth reaction to being handed a plant-based burger instead of the chicken one she had asked for.

Brad Holmes, from Southampton, England, has gained a reputation online for being a wind-up merchant, who especially enjoys making his fiancée Jen Davies the butt of his pranks.

This particular prank came about when Davies, a former sales assistant, asked her significant other to get her a chicken burger from KFC - but Holmes decided to get her the vegan alternative instead.

Check out Davies' furious reaction to being handed a vegan KFC burger:

Immediately displeased with the meal, Davies launches into a fiery tirade, explaining why vegans should "leave us people that want to eat chicken burgers alone and go in to somewhere called Kentucky Fried Carrot" instead.

All the while, of course, Holmes filmed the rant and posted it on his Facebook page, where it has since garnered 5.1k reactions and 3.8k shares.

Remember the kid who promised a $1 million to veterans if Trump went vegan for a month:

Davies went on to shout: “I wanted a chicken burger. It's f****** zero chicken. That doesn't make sense Bradley. You went to KFC to get me a chicken burger and you come back with something that's got zero chicken in it. A chicken is a chicken, you can't get a f****** chicken burger without a chicken. It doesn't make sense."

She added: "All I wanted was a chicken burger and you've got me one with zero chicken in it. I'm not vegan Bradley. I'm getting p***** off with this s***. Changing my burgers, my good chicken burgers out for s*** that doesn't have chicken in it. All these vegans just changing all my food all the time. I've had enough."

KFC confirmed the launch of its vegan burger this past December, which has since become available to purchase for £3.99 in KFC restaurants across the UK from 2 January.

Ira Dubinsky, innovation director at KFC UK and Ireland said: “The Colonel was all about welcoming everyone to his table – now vegans, flexitarians and our fried chicken fans can all enjoy the taste of our Original Recipe together. We’ve worked hard to perfect the flavor and make a Vegan Burger the Colonel would be proud of. It’s the flavor of KFC, just with zero chicken."

Tony Davison, head of global foodservice & QSR at Quorn, added: “The chance to co-create exceptional food with an iconic brand like KFC is a pleasure, to see the results launched with such enthusiasm is fantastic. “The result does the Colonel’s recipe justice, truly transformational vegan food that KFC fans are going to love – a finger lickin’ vegan favorite.”